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Concrete Floor Maintenance

Concrete Floor Maintenance

Everyday maintenance of concrete floors is simple. They’re relative affordability and easy maintenance make them attractive to industrial builders. Spills and other mishaps are an ease to mop up. All you need is the right floor cleaner, a mop, and little to no elbow grease.

But after years of mishaps and footsteps, concrete floors tend to need a little tender loving care. If your flooring is beginning to look dull and take on stains, it’s time to polish or seal them!

The Polishing Process

There are several different processes one could use to polish concrete or terrazzo flooring. Typically, a floor buffer is used along with varying levels of grit pads.

The first pad used is a coarse grit texture, following a fine grit, and an ultra-fine grit pad. The process helps remove a multitude of imperfections and residue from foot traffic and cleaners.

Following the buffing process, a special concrete floor polish is used to give new life to the old floor. Out with the dull and dirty and in with the new gleaming walkways.

Depending on your floor type and condition, some processes may need to be added or removed. Hiring a professional is the best way to get the job done. They will know the specific kind of care your concrete or terrazzo flooring needs.

The Sealing Process

Concrete sealing is a tedious process that should be handled by the best teams out there. First a thorough cleaning must be done. There should be zero dust and debris on the floor before sealing it. If a single trace is left, the concrete sealant will trap it there forever.

Once the floor is clean, sealing may begin. You can’t start sealing the floor from any area. You have to work from the furthest side of the room and out. Otherwise, you will box yourself into the room and have to step on the fresh sealant.

Just like polishing, the type of flooring you have and the condition it’s in should be considered. Hiring a professional will take out the guessing work and allow you to feel at ease.

Why You Should Do It

Polishing is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete and terrazzo flooring. It also reduces maintenance costs, solidifies the concrete, and increases the shine factor. Polishing floors is more than just cleaning; it leaves them gleaming.

Sealing concrete floors has so many benefits. It can help increase the durability of the flooring, making it last significantly longer. The sealant also helps concrete resist stains, stay cleaner, and create a non-slip surface. They will shine and reflect light beautifully, creating a welcoming space for your business.

Concrete and terrazzo flooring are inexpensive and easy to maintain, make it even easier for yourself today! RJC Commercial Janitorial and Cleanroom Solutions is here to help. Our sealing and polishing processes are through, we do not leave a single stone unturned.

For our concrete floor polishing service, we do not use our normal janitorial staff. We have a specially designated and certified staff for this particular service. We take tremendous care and time to evaluate your floor and its needs.

Contact RJC Enterprises today at (800) 582-2105 for an estimate and quick consultation!


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