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How you can tell if your office cleaning crew is doing a good job

office cleaning crew

An outsourced, professional cleaning service generally operates under the radar in most offices, which is usually a good thing. Operating efficiently without being intrusive is something every cleaning crew must do. But it can also make it tricky for office managers to judge how well the janitorial service is performing.

To help that evaluation, here are some of the traits that mark a superior office cleaning crew:

They follow a routine

The best cleaners are repetitive and predictable. An outstanding cleaning team sets ambitious standards for themselves that don’t change too frequently. They’ll always follow a process that’s consistent from job to job, only changing a routine if their clients make changes to the places they clean.

They stay out of your way

An office maintenance team understands that their clients need to maintain personal space if they remain behind while they clean. They’re self-contained and diligent, and finish their job without interrupting whatever you or your fellow employees are doing.

They don’t rush

Efficiency is always important with any professional service, but good office cleaners remain relaxed and confident while they work, never appearing to be in a hurry. This shows confidence and calm expertise in every cleaning responsibility they carry out.

They use the same people from week to week

Hopefully, every time your cleaners come to your office, you’ll recognize the same faces from week to week. That indicates that there’s not excessive turnover on their staff, which in turn means each member works at a high quality level. They also develop deeper familiarity with your office environment.

They’re prompt and reliable

Just as with any occupation, professional cleaners need to show up on time, every time. You can trust a cleaning team that’s never late for a regular appointment and remains reliable from week to week.

They use safety signs and markings

Professional cleaners are concerned about job safety, not just for themselves but for the clients they serve. If they’re mopping up a bathroom or kitchen floor, they’ll position “Wet Floor” signs in a clearly seen spot, or cordon off an area where walking could be hazardous.

They wear uniforms

Dress codes may be passé in certain offices, but not in the professional cleaning industry. You can tell when a cleaning company is serious and dedicated about their work if their employees wear uniforms when they work.

They carry identification

Individual cleaners should always have ID on hand, so you can know the name of everyone who’s working in their office in case there’s an issue.

They use the best and safest cleaning supplies

For professional cleaners, it’s equally important that the tools and cleaning fluids they use be effective and safe. Some industrial-strength cleaners may produce excessive fumes that pose a health risk to your employees or use solutions that may harm the environment. Good cleaners are mindful of those issues.

They don’t leave dirt or cleaning residue behind

After they depart the premises, a quality cleaning team will have washed off and wiped down every surface they’ve come in contact with. You and your fellow employees should be able to touch everything they’ve worked on without getting grime or leftover cleaning fluid all over your fingers.

Their cleaning supply storage area is organized

Whether your cleaners use a cabinet in your office or their own mobile “stations,” all their supplies and tools should look orderly, neat, and easy to access.

They’re easy to get a hold of

Your office manager should always be able to contact outside cleaning staff without delay or trouble. A good office cleaning crew will either answer your call immediately or return your call as soon as they can.

If you’re in need of a commercial cleaning service that doesn’t skip over any of the details, contact RJC today.


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