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Conquering Common Carpet Odors: Part 2

How to Remove Common Carpet Odors

Conquering carpet odors often takes multiple steps, and those steps will vary based on the source of the odors you’re dealing with. Keep these ideas in mind and apply the ones that are most fitting to your current situation:

  • Practice routine carpet cleaning. While this may not remove existing odors, it can certainly minimize the odors that form in your home or office.
  • Use hot water extraction to remove deep-set contaminants in the carpet. Make sure the extractor is working properly so you do not end up with excess moisture on the surface of the carpeting.
  • Use professional decontaminants to get rid of stubborn, stuck-in odors. You will need to know what the actual source of the odor is so you can find the appropriate decontaminant for it. You may want to test the chemical on a small area of the carpet to see if it eliminates the odor before using it across the entire carpet.
  • Treat the carpet backing, if possible. Some carpeting can be easily pulled loose from the tacks around the edge of the room. Treating the backing and potentially the carpet padding will help you get rid of the odors at their deepest roots.
  • Trust the pros to get the job done. The fact is that neutralizing carpet odors is a tedious process that requires extensive experience to master. Rather than putting your carpet and the smell of your home at risk, you may be better off turning the task over to carpet cleaning professionals.

How to Prevent Carpet Odors from Forming

The best way to conquer carpet odors is to stop them from forming in the first place. The easiest way to go about this is to practice proper carpet cleaning and maintenance. Using the right cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment for your carpeting and your building as a whole will ensure that your carpets stay smelling their best.

Your carpet cleaning plan should take several factors into consideration: the size of the carpeted areas, the soil load for your home or business (how much foot traffic do you get?), and how often the carpets need to be cleaned to prevent odor buildup. This balance will be different for every residential and commercial application, so you may need to speak with a professional carpet cleaner about the program that will be best for you.

You may also use these quick tips to prevent carpet odors from forming:

  • Provide mats near all entryways so guests and employees can wipe their feet before crossing the carpet.
  • Make note of the high traffic areas in the building and focus on cleaning those as thoroughly as possible.
  • Clean spills, stains, and crumbs as soon as you notice them.
  • Avoid over-wetting the carpet fibers when you clean.
  • Maintain your carpet cleaning equipment to ensure that it works correctly time and time again.
  • Identify and remove odors as soon as possible to keep them from getting worse.

As long as you practice the right carpet cleaning procedures, you can successfully conquer and prevent carpet odors from forming in your home or business.


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