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When Should You Deep Clean Commercial Spaces

Deep Clean Commercial Spaces

As a commercial building owner, you know that maintaining a clean and healthy environment is essential for operation. Additionally, you know that a commercial cleaning routine involves the basics, including dusting, sweeping, and sanitizing. But did you know that despite these frequent cleanings, you should still perform an annual deep cleaning in your commercial space?

Well, we here at RJC want to address the topic of deep cleaning today! We will discuss how deep cleaning differs from the standard routine, how often you should do deep cleaning, and more.

Regular Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning Commercial Buildings

The main difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning is thoroughness and frequency. A commercial building’s daily cleaning routine and schedule usually consists of removing obvious messes and sanitization to ensure safe operation.

Deep cleaning a commercial space entails cleaning areas you don’t often pay attention to but can still build up dust and dirt. Additionally, a deep cleaning is more thorough in the way of performing annual tasks, such as shampooing carpets.

A frequent standard regular cleaning routine can make annual deep cleaning faster and more effective. Both are equally as important for building maintenance.

What Is A Normal Commercial Cleaning Schedule?

The average commercial cleaning schedule can range from daily to weekly. That is usually based on the type of business someone is operating. Medical-based business and commercial kitchens require frequent daily cleanings. The reason for such frequency is due to safety.

Office buildings and non-medical spaces may follow a more once-a-week style schedule. Although safety is important in these spaces, the amount of naturally occurring messes poses less of a risk to the health of clients and staff. Despite not needing to clean daily, these commercial space owners may still clean bathroom facilities daily. That is because the number of bacteria and harmful pathogens can more easily accumulate in these spaces because of bodily fluids.

When Should You Deep Clean a Commercial Building?

Just like a typical commercial cleaning routine, how often you should deep clean a commercial building depends on the purpose of the space. When you have a medical facility or commercial kitchen, you should communicate with your janitorial team or service about what schedule would work best for your needs. For office spaces, warehouses, and commercial spaces of the like, a bi-monthly to quarterly deep cleaning is advisable.

Routine Clean or Deep Clean RJC Has You Covered!

Ensure you have a clean and welcoming commercial building by partnering with RJC! We are a commercial cleaning service that operates in the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia Areas.

We are here to help our clients achieve superior a clean with our wide variety of cleaning services. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of a variety of commercial building types. Whether you run a business office or a certifiable lab space, we have the services you need to make your building safe for operation.

No matter if you need a routine clean or deep clean, contact us today to receive an estimate for your commercial space!


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