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Facts About Lab Cleaning

Facts About Lab Cleaning

Routine cleaning of a lab is fundamental for operation. Although standard cleaning practices will not suffice. It takes specialized knowledge, skills, and tools to complete successfully. The tasks that require that knowledge and those skills and tools are critical for ensuring lab accuracy and safety, that we know for certain.

But knowledge and information about the requirements of lab cleaning are not always accessible.

To help our current and potential clients stay up to date on the latest information about lab decontamination, cleaning, and sanitization, we are here to share some facts you may not know about commercial lab cleaning.

A Virus-Free Building is TEMPORARY

In your search to find a lab cleaning service and create a safe and effective environment, you may see commercial lab cleaners advertise that they can make your building free of harmful viruses. Although this can be true and done through the use of a gas-based nonhazardous sterilization process, it is temporary. As soon as someone walks through your building’s doors with a virus, your space is now recontaminated.

Insurance Companies DON’T Cover Certain Biohazards

Insurance companies, along with general liability policies, do not cover communicable diseases, fungi/mold, SARS-CoV-2, and legionella. That is to stop loss exposure. Some insurance companies had this policy prior to April 2020, but those that did not, implemented it after.

There is NOT an EPA-Registered Product That has Long-Lasting Disinfection

EPA-approved products that claim long-term effectiveness only apply to those that can mitigate odor-inducing bacteria on non-porous solid surfaces. This policy came into effect in April of 2021.

Commercial Lab Cleaning is NOT the Same as Commercial Cleaning

It is true that any type of commercial cleaning differs from residential cleaning. The focus of commercial cleaning is the cleaning of buildings that fall under the definition of commercial use. Those buildings can include retailers, office space, medical facilities, and more.

But despite commercial lab cleaning still being a part of the commercial category, it has its differences from standard commercial janitorial services. Commercial lab cleaning places an emphasis on decontamination, sterilization, sanitization, and meeting certain approved specifications, including ISO 14644-4: Class 3 – Class 9 and Fed. Std. 209E: Class 1 – Class 100,000.

All Commercial Lab Cleaning Companies are NOT Created Equal

The last fact, but certainly not the least important, not all commercial lab cleaning companies are created equal. As previously stated, specialized knowledge, tools, and skills are required to perform commercial lab cleaning. But simply because a commercial cleaning company offers its services to lab owners, that does not mean they are qualified to perform such services. You need to find a commercial lab cleaning service in your area that continuously educate themselves on industry standards and train their staff to clean to the required specifications.

If you own a commercial laboratory in Maryland, Washington D.C., or Northern Virginia, you need to choose RJC as your commercial lab cleaning provider!

RJC for Local Commercial Lab Cleaning

Are you searching for a company you can trust with your commercial lab cleaning needs? Look no further than RJC, we clean to ISO 14644-4: Class 3 – Class 9 standards and continuously educate ourselves on the best practices for lab cleaning.

We offer our commercial lab cleaning services in the Maryland, Washington D.C., and the Northern Virginia areas. To learn more about how we can help you and to receive a free estimate, contact us today.


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Facts About Lab Cleaning

Facts About Lab Cleaning

Routine cleaning of a lab is fundamental for operation. Although standard cleaning practices will not

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