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Flu-proof your space with these 5 office cleaning tips

flu proof your space

Winter still has its vise grip on much of the country and flu season is equally entrenched, spreading its ill will throughout office buildings all over the country. In fact, rampant staffing shortages due to the flu have a significant impact on a company’s productivity and bottom line. It is especially important to Flu-proof your space to keep staff healthy and upbeat at work.

There are several ways to make this happen, starting with awareness. Did you know that more than 31 million people visit their doctor, 200,000 are admitted to hospitals, and thousands die from the flu every year? Consider that the flu virus is transmittable up to seven days after symptoms appear and flu germs can spread before a person feels sick. This means prevention before symptoms appear is critical and while there is no single, 100 percent effective solution, there are plenty of things to do to flu-proof your space against the formidable flu virus. Here are 5 handy tips to get you started:

Sanitize High Touch Areas

Germs are everywhere and in offices, lots of people touch an array of different objects and as such, share their germs. A typical office space often sees staff, vendors, and customers traveling through the space and leaving germs behind. Frequent hand washing helps remove germs from your hands. But regularly cleaning surfaces helps reduce the odds of germs showing up in the first place. Flu germs can live for up to 8 hours on hard surfaces but daily sanitation kills germs to reduce the spread of the virus.

Wipe your phone, desk, and frequently touched areas in your personal workspace. Pay special attention to other high touch areas in the office.

Use Your Sick Days

Responsible managers will foster the habit of using sick days when employees need them. Sick days are in place for a reason; if you’re sick, stay home. When people are most contagious, they are unproductive and can easily spread their germs to others. Pretty soon a company has a parade of employees out for a week at a time.

Practice Good Health Habits

It’s a good idea to stock up on hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes and position these around the office. Encourage employees to use these supplies to reduce their risk of the flu. You can also safeguard against the flu by reviewing your disinfection program. Consider asking your office cleaning provider to disinfect your workplace more frequently to ensure the highest level of hygiene.

Get Vaccinated

The flu vaccine is recommended for all people over the age of 6 months, and especially for those with compromised immune systems. Several varieties of vaccine are available including the standard flu shot, nasal spray, intradermal, and high dose for those over the age of 65.

Engage your staff

Educate staff on the signs of flu and colds and encourage precautions. This is a critical step in preventing the spread of the flu, as well as colds. In addition to encouraging the use of sick days, communicate information about signs of the flu and colds and how to prevent them. Proactive measures and education help staff stay well.

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