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Office’s dirtiest places

offices dirtiest places

Office’s dirtiest places

To guard against everything from a bad cold to debilitating sickness and do your part to prevent the spread of germs, the first step is awareness of an office’s dirtiest places.

It is always a smart health strategy to wash your hands often, avoid touching eyes and face, and steer clear of dirty environments whenever possible. This is especially relevant given the current state of things regarding rampant and deadly viruses.

Not surprisingly, busy, high-occupancy workplaces are among the likeliest places to encounter all manner of germs and other nastiness. Some obvious places teeming with germs include computer keyboards, door handles, and of course bathroom floors. These germ-ridden places get that way largely from employees bringing sickness to work and then spreading germs all over the office.

Is it that important to care so much about germs? Yes! One virologist study found an influenza virus on roughly one-third of office surfaces around the country, in a wide range of industry settings.

1. Break room faucets

Break rooms are continuous incubators of grossness. Did you know that about 75 percent of break room sink faucet handles contain high risk of illness-spreading germs and more than 90 percent of those handles need disinfecting? Use a towel to operate handles and/or hand sanitizer or wipes after use.

2. Microwave door handles

Microwave handles are just as bad. A typical office microwave is used 30-50 times every day and germs from all those hands, as well as germs hiding inside, are just waiting to find new hosts.

3. Beware of buttons

Germs love moisture, dirty hands, and warm temps. That’s why buttons are a favorite target for germs, dirt, and other grime. In fact, some studies revealed drinking fountain buttons alone are common habitats for rotavirus and the flu. Using the palm of your hand or knuckle to push the button can help reduce the risk of illness.

4. Computer keyboards and mice

Think about how many hours a day every day that your hands are in contact with computer keys and a mouse. All the stuff on your hands and fingers. Tiny food particles, dust, dead skin—is now on the equipment and is added right back on tomorrow and every day after that.  Remember this: keyboards are home to roughly 3,300 bacteria per square inch, while a toilet seat only has about 50 in that same amount of space.

5. Coffee pot handles

Similar to other break room paraphernalia, coffee pots are handled by lots of people all day every day. Well over 100,000 bacteria colonies can be found on the typical office coffee pot handle.

6. Office coffee mugs

Roughly 20 percent of office coffee mugs contain traces of coliform bacteria and kitchen sponges or towels can boost that number to 100 percent. Use your own mug and never clean it with a community towel.

7. Desktop

Another surface with more germs than a toilet seat. Germs love traveling from your hands to all the things on your desk and they can live there for a very long time. Wash your hands often to stem the tide.

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