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Getting the Most from Your Cleaning Cart

Cleaning carts are incredibly convenient in the workplace, but only if they are stocked and used properly. If you do not know how to set up your cart effectively, you might as well bring your cleaning supplies with you in a shopping cart. In the guide below, we will explain how to get the most out of your cleaning cart so you can work efficiently every time.

Know What You Need on the Cart

Before you start placing supplies on your cleaning cart, figure out which items are going to be on the cart. Put all of the chemicals and equipment on the ground in full display so you can prioritize where you want the elements to go on the cart. This perspective will give you the opportunity to get everything in order right from the start, rather than reconfiguring several times over.

Prioritize Your Cleaning Products

When you begin putting items on your cleaning cart, think about what you need access to all the time versus what you only need access to on occasion. For instance, a hotel cleaning staff may need access to the toilet cleaner and brushes all the time, but they may only need spare linen for checkout. The linen can go on the lower areas of the cart so that the cleaning supplies can be within quick reach. How you set up your cart will depend on how you go about your cleaning routine, but you have to keep the actual cleaning process in mind when you move supplies around.

Let the Cleaning Staff Have a Say in the Setup

If you are a manager or a business owner, chances are you do not know what your cleaning staff actually needs to do their job. Sure, you understand the principles of the job, but you don’t know what works best for them on a daily basis. Get your cleaning crew involved in the setup process so they can tell you how they need to set up the cart for maximum efficiency. This will help you in the end because your workers will be able to get more accomplished in a certain period of time. Your crew will also appreciate the value you put on their opinion, which will boost company morale as a whole.

Consistency Is Key in Cleaning Cart Setups

One of the most important things to remember about setting up your cleaning cart is that it needs to be the same setup across the board. Different departments may have different needs for configuration, but each person within the same department should have their cart set up the same way. This all comes back to muscle memory – your body learns where a product is on the cart and goes to reach for it without thinking. If this changes positions constantly, you will waste valuable time having your crew look for a product on the cart. Consistency and efficiency go hand in hand, so make sure every one of your workers knows the proper way to set up your cart.


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