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How to Choose the Perfect Cleaning Cart

Having a cleaning cart for your janitorial team offers easy, convenient access to the cleaning tools and supplies they may need throughout the day. There are hundreds of carts and caddies to choose from on the market, to the point that the selection may become overwhelming. If you are looking to invest in carts in the near future, the information below will help you find the right one from the start. Here is a guide explaining how to choose the perfect cleaning cart.

The Supplies It Needs to Hold

What kind of cleaning supplies does your team use? Will it only be needed to clean bathrooms, or will it be needed for holistic cleaning services? Talk to the cleaning team about which products they need constant access to, and make sure you choose a cart that can accommodate their needs.
Keep in mind that you may need to stock products on the carts as well, like bed linens or trash bags. If that is the case, you will need room to support these extra items, even if they are not in constant use.

The Surfaces It Glides Across

What kind of flooring is in your building? Is it all slick tile, or are there carpeted areas the cart will need to go over? The wheels on cleaning carts are designed to go over specific surfaces based on the amount of weight the carts have to hold. You need to find a cart that will be able to maneuver around the building with your workers easily.

The Noise It Makes

Some cleaning carts are designed to be quieter than others, making them perfect for areas where noise restrictions are enforced. For instance, the neonatal hall in a hospital may need quiet carts to keep the babies on the floor rested and comfortable. No one wants a noisy cleaning cart, but a little noise may be necessary if the cart itself fits the bill. Just make sure you do not get something that will disturb the business for too long.

The Space It Moves Through

Will your cleaning cart need to go through a tight hallway or a small elevator? If so, you will need to get a narrow cart design that will fit your building. The same can be said for the storage space you plan to hold the cart(s) in. If there is not much space length or width wise to accommodate the cart, you may invest in a taller, thinner cart that can still work for what you need it to.

The Environment It Is In

Cleaning carts used outdoors are made to be much more durable than indoor cleaning carts because they have to withstand extreme temperature changes and other environmental elements. Think about where your carts will be used most often so you can get the ones that fit your needs. If you need to get a few different models to accommodate different departments and their cleaning duties, do so. As long as you invest in the right models for the work your janitorial crew does, you should be in good shape.

NOTE: Consider Modular Cleaning Carts

If you cannot decide which cleaning cart is right for you, consider investing in modular carts that can be manipulated to suit different environments. These models have interchangeable parts that make them perfect for long-term use.


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