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Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment

healthy work environment

A healthy work environment goes beyond the buzz of innovative workplace cultures. Maintaining a healthy work environment also requires the physical removal of harmful organisms and an understanding of how illnesses spread. It is up to business owners and property managers to assure these principles for a healthy work environment are upheld.

It can feel daunting to ensure your work environment is safe, which is why RJC is here to help.

With our thirty-plus years in the commercial cleaning industry, we know what it takes to ensure a workplace is safe for operation. Here are the top three things we encourage every business owner and building manager to do when they are trying to keep a work environment safe and operable.


To maintain a healthy workspace, routine disinfection must occur. That means that both commonly and uncommonly used surfaces are cleaned and sprayed with a disinfectant. The spray will ensure that bacteria and viruses are removed from the surfaces.

Routine sanitization can help eliminate the threat of viruses against patrons, clients, and staff members. It is the most critical aspect of keeping a work environment safe.

Some areas that may need sanitization can include

Keep Surface Free of Dust

Did you know that dust is more than dead skin cells? In fact, dust can hold bacteria, pollen, and mold. The fungal growth commonly known as mold can cause respiratory health complications.

Routine dusting by an in-house janitorial staff or a commercial cleaning company that services your area should be performed once a week at a minimum.

The task should be completed using EPA (Environmental Protective Agency) approved cleaner. These cleaners, also known as green cleaners, are not only safer for the environment but humans as well.

Dusting goes beyond table tops and windows. Dust collects everywhere, from baseboards to ceiling fans and floors. To create a minimal dust environment, all areas must be addressed. Skipping over uncommonly used surfaces can lead to dust continuing to float around as air pushes around the remaining particles.

Encourage Sick-Leave

And last but not least, it is better to be short-term short-staffed than long-term short-staffed because of a virus spreading through the workplace. That is why it is critical to encourage proper use of sick leave.

Proper use of sick leave requires staff members or employees to test positive for a virus or recognize symptoms of a virus and notify their higher-ups of the matter. This practice can lead to more productivity and minimizes the danger of harmful viruses spreading. With fewer people needing to take off, more productivity occurs.

RJC is Here to Help!

RJC is a commercial cleaning company that services the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia areas! We want our customers to feel safe and sound operating in their commercial spaces. That’s why we would like to help you maintain a healthy work environment with our various commercial cleaning services.

If you want help maintaining a healthy work environment, contact RJC today to ask questions and receive a free quote!


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