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How Organization Helps Keep Offices Cleaner

Organized Office

It is no secret that great organization can transform a room in seconds. It can give the appearance of a cleaner office and more professional space. But it can lead to more than simply appearing clean; it can actually help keep an area free from dust and bacteria.

RJC is a commercial janitorial company, and we’re here to tell you how organization can help create a healthier and cleaner work environment.

How Organization Helps

Keeping an office or desk area organized reduces clutter and eliminates the number of places for dust, debris, and bacteria to hide. It also helps makes maintaining a clean office easier.

Clutter inhibits the ability to remove harmful substances adequately. Areas people often miss when cleaning is typically due to clutter overruning the space. Choosing a minimalistic decor style for your desk/office space can help eliminate this common issue.

With free and clear surfaces comes the ability to remove all unwanted germs and debris.

Methods for a Cleaner Office Space

Now that you know how organizing helps keep a space cleaner, let’s discuss methods for maintaining a clutter-free and clean desk.

Keep Cleaning Products Nearby

With more open space on your desk, it is easier to keep it free and clear of dust and germs. To further keep them at bay, ensure that all desks and office spaces have cleaning wipes available. Using a cleaning wipe at the end of every work day to remove dust and germs can keep a space looking cleaner longer. Less debris will build up between your janitorial routines.

Have a Place for Everything

If you still struggle to keep desks clear of clutter, it’s time to invest in more storage options. Storage should be able to keep everything from pens and paper to files and gadgets off of the desk’s surface. Proper storage can come in many forms depending on what media you work with. Filing cabinets, storage bins, drawers, and pencil cups are some of the few essential organizers every desk should have.

Remove Items from the Floor

To make vacuuming frustration-free it’s crucial to keep items off of the floor. Keeping your belongings off of the floor makes it easier to vacuum an area in between deep cleanings. It is important to drive home the fact that the more an area is free and clear of clutter, the easier it is to maintain.

Limit Food and Drinks in the Space

We all have to eat and drink throughout the day, but it may be wise to reconsider where you consume your breakfast and lunch. Despite the ease of eating at your desk, it can create some of the biggest messes. If you’re looking for a solution, either consume food or drinks in the breakroom or ensure that your items are in sealed and easy-to-remove containers.

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We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services, including floor polishing, green cleaning, spray disinfection, and so much more. It is our mission to help our clients maintain safe and healthy work environments.

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