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How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Boost Your Building’s Curb Appeal

How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Boost Your Building's Curb Appeal

Most people prioritize external appearance when it comes to their home, as it reflects well on themselves and their exterior design abilities. However, positive curb appeal can also improve public approval of your business by reflecting well on your company’s cleanliness and attention to detail. A well-kept exterior can even attract new customers to your business. There are several ways to boost the curb appeal of your business or office building, including commercial cleaning.

Keep the parking lot clean and safe. 

Since the parking lot is one of the first things those visiting your building will see, its appearance is more important than you may think. If your parking lot is littered with trash and graffiti or the parking instructions are unclear, any new visitors or potential customers will be deterred. You’ll want visitors to your building to feel safe leaving their car in your parking lot and walking to the door, so it’s important to prioritize the cleanliness and organization of your lot. A well-lit building exterior and parking lot can also help anyone walking around outside your building feel secure.

Regularly empty trash cans or dumpsters.

If your building has a visible trash can or dumpster that visitors will have to pass by, make sure that it’s kept as clean as possible and emptied regularly. You won’t want potential customers being offended by unsightly trash or a bad odor as they enter your building.

Install clear signage.

Faded, poorly placed, or unclear signage can be the difference between a visitor choosing to enter your building or passing right by. Make sure your company’s signage is not only well-placed and easy to read but also welcoming and pleasing to look at.

Clean your windows regularly.

Unlike other parts of your building’s exterior, the windows will clearly show any buildup of dirt and grime. Clean windows are not only more inviting and aesthetically pleasing for passersby. They imply a certain level of cleanliness within the building as well. Therefore, regularly cleaned windows are more likely to attract new business than dirty windows.

Create an inviting pathway to the entrance.

Depending on your building’s location and surroundings, you may be able to install a custom pathway from the parking area to the door. This will utilize attractive landscaping materials. If all you have to work with is the sidewalk, you can still keep it exceptionally clean. It will impress new customers that way. Visually pleasing and helpful signage can also be added to make your building stand out from the rest. It can also make curious passersby to take a look.

Check the paint job.

If your building hasn’t been repainted in many years, it may be time for a refresh. Chips, cracks, or stains on your building’s exterior will reflect poorly on your business and deter potential customers.

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your building’s exterior, the best way to do so is to hire a professional janitorial service. RJC offers an exceptionally high standard of both cleanliness and customer service. We work tirelessly to provide quality commercial cleaning on your schedule. Contact RJC Enterprises today for all of your commercial cleaning needs.


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