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How Green Cleaning Is Transforming Commercial Janitorial Services

Back in the day, commercial janitorial services utilized a number of harsh chemicals to disinfect, clean, and polish surfaces in a business. As the world became more aware of the detrimental impact these procedures had on the environment, new methodologies came about to clean commercial properties without the negative side effects. Green cleaning is now a popular choice among high-end janitorial companies who want to preserve the environment for centuries to come. Here is a look at how green cleaning has transformed commercial janitorial services across the board.

What Is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is a general term for any cleaning practices that use environmentally friendly solutions to kill bacteria, remove dirt, and improve the health of a business. Common examples of green cleaning include:

  • Using steam machines to clean surfaces instead of harsh chemicals
  • Working with eco-friendly, organic cleaning products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Employing advanced cleaning methods to reduce waste and maximize the impact of treatment solutions
  • Investing in energy efficient cleaning equipment to preserve electricity and reduce costs

Some green cleaning practices are more effective than others, but they all serve the same goal – to create a healthy, clean environment that doesn’t do damage to Mother Nature.

Green Cleaning Benefits Everyone Involved

Green cleaning practices go well beyond helping the environment. While that may be the main focus of these practices, the truth is that your guests and employees will benefit from eco-friendly commercial janitorial services. Eliminating the use of harsh chemicals in your business will improve your air quality and ensure that everyone in the building has a healthy space to work, shop, dine, and explore. You can help the earth and your staff at the same time.

Eco-Friendly Services That Go beyond Green Cleaning

In addition to the commercial janitorial services outlined above, many companies choose to take the concept of green cleaning to a whole new level. For instance, here at RJC, we offer recycling services to our clients so they can minimize their carbon footprint. We work with concentrated chemicals that are approved by the EPA so we can reduce our cleaning waste and keep costs down for our clients. Something as simple as maximizing the efficiency of cleaning services can do wonders for the environment. If you can find other ways to "go green" in your business, you will be able to make a big difference in the world.  



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