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Hygienic Commercial Cleaning Methods

Hygienic Commercial Cleaning

As the colder seasons approach, property managers everywhere need to take action to help keep their communities safe from viruses and various ailments. But to do that, you will need to arm yourself with knowledge. One of the best ways to help keep your community safe during the cold and flu season is by performing hygienic cleaning. What is hygienic cleaning, you may ask?

If you’re unsure what it is and how it will keep your community safe, keep reading! As a commercial cleaning service, RJC is here to help explain.

What is Hygienic Cleaning

Hygienic cleaning is a form of cleaning and sanitizing performed in medical and food service facilities. This form of cleaning helps keep a building operable for the vulnerable. It decontaminates a space, leaving minimal germs, bacteria, and odor in its wake.

When you hygienically clean your commercial building, it can offer a sense of ease. That is because it gives you the reassurance you need to know that you, your staff, and all visitors are safer from ailments.

If your in-house janitorial staff can’t keep up with the increasing demands for sanitization, you may want to consider a hygienic cleaning service.

What are Some Hygienic Cleaning Methods

Now that you know what hygienic cleaning is, it is time to discuss how it is done.

At RJC, we perform hygienic cleaning using two different methods. Those methods include pressure washing and steam washing. Each method has its benefits but ultimately produces the same sanitized end result. Which one that is used will depend on the type of commercial space and the surrounding equipment.

Pressure Washing

The pressure washing hygienic cleaning method typically involves using high-temperature water through a pressurized spray cleaner. The combination helps greatly reduce germs and has the benefit of a faster dry time. This method is also known to help combat viruses which is essential during the impending season.

Steam Washing

Steam washing, much like pressure washing, typically uses hot water and a steam machine to complete the job. Because the steam washing method utilizes high temperature and offers vast coverage, it also helps eliminate germs and combat viruses.

What sets these two methods apart from your typical spray and wipe routine is that they cover a larger surface area. That helps ensure more unwanted organisms such as dust mites, bacteria, and other contaminates are eliminated in larger numbers. Essentially, these methods are made for a more thorough sanitization job.

How to Easily Implement These Methods

If you are thinking about using these cleaning methods for your commercial property, but are unsure of where to start, contact RJC today!

Not only do we offer hygienic cleaning services, but we also offer a wide variety of other commercial cleaning services that will keep your property in tip-top shape. From floor sealing and polishing to green cleaning and data center services, RJC can cover all of your commercial cleaning needs. We will help you keep your building a safe and operable place even during the toughest season.

For a free quote on hygienic cleaning or any of our other services, contact RJC today! We are happy to help.


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