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Keeping Your Floors Clean During Fall

Floors Clean

Whether your commercial property owner or a homeowner, you are well acquainted with the frustration of keeping your floors spotless during the fall. The beautiful leaves that coat the ground start making their way indoors step-by-step, not quite having the same charm as they do outdoors. Over time, the constant foot traffic can leave your floors lacking their best qualities.

That is why you should show your floors some extra care this season.

For all of the commercial property owners out there, here are three ways to keep your floors clean and shining during the fall season!

Frequency is Key

First, we must acknowledge that when fall arrives floor cleaning must increase for optimal results. With increased debris flowing through your doorways comes more need for floor cleaning. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping are three basic ways to keep your floors from becoming overran with leaves, bugs, pollen, and dirt. If you wish to keep your floors looking their best, you will have to complete these cleaning chores more frequently.

These tasks can be performed by an in-house cleaning team, general staff, or a commercial cleaning service that you have come in weekly.

Bonnet Cleaning

If you have carpet flooring that needs a bit more tender loving care, you may want to consider bonnet cleaning. You might be wondering, “what is bonnet cleaning?” The answer is simple – bonnet cleaning is a carpet cleaning method that uses a rotary floor machine with a bonnet cleaning cloth attached, along with a liquid solution.

The great thing about this method, aside from its ability to remove stains and keep floors looking as good as new, it also dries rapidly. With carpet flooring, quick drying solutions are a must to avoid further dirt build-up and mold growth.

Ensuring Your Floors are Sealed

Sealing your floors can keep stubborn messes at bay. By doing so, liquids and dry debris can easily slip off the surface. And floor sealing is not just for hard surfaces, such as vinyl, concrete, and Terrazo. There are also sealing options for carpets.

Las Vegas casinos use a unique carpet sealing method known as encapsulation to help keep their ornate flooring pristine. It allows the floors to withstand heavy foot traffic and avoid rapid re-soiling. The process allows the carpet to dry within an hour. You will never have to worry about stains permeate damaging your floors again.

RJC is The Commercial Cleaning Service for You

If you own a commercial property in the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia area, choose RJC for all of your cleaning needs. We are the top contractual commercial cleaning service in the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia region.

Our services include green cleaning, floor cleaning and sealing, and much more. We believe in quality control and constantly assess our work so you receive the best results. Whether you need a specific learning task completed or a weekly janitorial staff, we’ve got you covered!

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