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Increase the longevity of the IT equipment in your routine data center cleaning

data center cleaning

Highly technical and complex information technology (IT) equipment in some form is standard fare in most every business these days. These machines play a very critical role in a company’s success and as such, must be well cared for in order to ensure efficient operation for many years. Keep in mind that IT equipment is always under the risk of crashing and that down time can result from more than just the “usual” threats like fires, floods, and cyber attacks. Dirt and other debris can shutter your equipment with equally dire consequences. That means regular and thorough data center cleaning is in order that goes beyond a simple dust and polish.

The tiny culprits in Data Center Cleaning

IT equipment is delicate by nature and very small to microscopic particles and related contaminants can inflict great damage. These particles are forever drifting around in the air of a data center and after daily use over time; they build up and threaten expensive servers with corrosion, overheating, soft and hard system failures, and other issues.

Individual server rooms have particular needs and traditional janitorial cleaning won’t do the job when it comes to removing tiny invasive contaminants. A diligent preventative maintenance schedule should be established and adhered to in order to keep sensitive equipment clean and running at its highest level.

What, how, and when to clean

Computer racks and servers are the first obstacles that interior air reaches; as such, this is where tiny airborne particles will alight. No less than every three months, this equipment and related surfaces should be cleaned to remove contaminants. Vacuum equipment with a HEPA filter, wipe surfaces of servers with damp cleaning wipes and anti-static chemicals approved for server and clean rooms. Don’t forget server doors and the tops of racks, and any other ledges or additional supporting equipment. Windows, doors, and light fixtures should also get the full cleaning treatment.

Evaluate current equipment

A critical initial step in extending the lifespan of IT equipment is to review your company’s current scenario, starting with identifying what type of equipment you have on hand. You company likely hosts a variety of equipment to serve the needs of different staff and departments. Researchers and analysts typically require high levels of computer or graphics capacity, while other staff needs in-office PCs or mobile devices for traveling.

Put together a list of user groups and their specific needs, and then determine the lifetime of that equipment. Make this a formal or informal evaluation, but get it done and ensure you consider:

  • Policies and procedures requiring a specific timeframe for refreshing equipment
  • Review turnover rate by comparing purchases and disposals made annually
  • Review current equipment contracts for equipment turnover
  • Replace damaged cables and connectors
  • Replace worn out accessories like keyboards and mice, which are notorious for collecting debris
  • Remind staff to keep all computer areas clean and clutter-free to prevent dust accumulation and overheating
  • Make sure all equipment is protected with surge protector power strips
  • Don’t allow staff to eat or drink near IT equipment

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