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Post Holiday Office Cleaning

post holiday office cleaning

With all of the glitz and glitter of holidays and the New Year behind us, the beginning of January can find everyone feeling a little dull. By paying attention to a few post holiday office cleaning details that may have gotten pushed aside during the holiday rush, you can brighten everyone’s spirits in your office or workspace.

Put away the ornaments

It’s tempting to leave some holiday decorations up for a while as a way to keep holiday spirits going in the new year. In reality, people get tired of looking at the same seasonal decorations. Chances are that some of those swags and ornaments aren’t looking their best, either, after a month or more of adorning desks, walls, or counters. Take down anything holiday related and put it away. Dust and vacuum the spaces under, above, and below the decorations that you’re putting away, and everyone will appreciate the fresh, crisp feel of the newly neutral space.

Clean out the office fridge

Food tends to accumulate everywhere between Thanksgiving and January 1 – and that includes the office refrigerator. Post a notice about a fridge clearing day to give people time to claim any food that they might want, then toss everything that’s left (you could make an exception for fresh condiment bottles, especially if they’re labelled). Wipe out the fridge, set a box of baking soda inside for deodorizing, and everyone will breathe a little easier.

Sparkle and Shine

A little bit of dust on every hard surface can make your whole work space look dingy, while exposing everyone to dust-borne allergens, and an increased risk of sickness. Do a little dusting! Wipe down hard, flat surfaces like desk and counter tops. Don’t forget the window sills, and even the top of computer monitors. While you’re at it, take a look at windows and mirrors. Are they a little smudgy? Let the maximum sunshine in by cleaning the glass. Bonus tip: stock some disinfectant wipes to keep up with the frequently touched hard surfaces. This can help minimize post-holiday cold and flu spread as well.

Take a good look at your floors

The holidays are a busy season for many people, and the end of the year brings additional pressure in some businesses. Regular maintenance, like deep cleaning floors, is easy to put off. Now is the time to pick it up again! Whether your flooring is carpet or tile, a good deep clean can leave your work space feeling brighter and smelling fresher. For this job, you’ll want to bring in a cleaning service with qualified technicians and the proper equipment. Contact us today to ask about our specialized floor care services!

We can help

Although you can take on most of these post holiday office cleaning tasks yourself, now is a great time to give yourself the post-holiday gift of a cleaning service! Whether you want us to freshen everything up one time, or set up a regular cleaning schedule, contact RJC Enterprises for a professional, sparkling clean!


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