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It’s Important to Clean Your Doors

clean your doors

The spread of germs via doors is a highly overlooked issue when it comes to commercial building sanitation.  Doors are the one thing in every building that anybody who enters or exits comes into contact with every single day at some point or another. It’s unavoidable that doors, and doorknobs, will be handled by several people multiple times over the course of a single day. Here are a few reasons why you should see to it that your commercial cleaning service takes extra care in keeping your doors clean.

Contact is Inevitable

There are surfaces in your commercial building that many occupants will come into contact with over the course of the work week. None of them are as frequently used as doors and doorknobs. There are the main doors, doors in the hallway, doors to the bathroom, doors to offices and closets and storage rooms. Constant contact can’t be avoided.

Each and every door is put to use every single day. It makes very little sense then, that a cleaning service would overlook them. See to it that they don’t!

Bacteria and Viruses Live on Doorknobs

If someone sick enters your office and touches a door or doorknob, it’s highly likely they’ve left behind whatever it is that’s infecting them. When this happens, it’s only a matter of time before a large percentage of your office will have come into contact with the same door or doorknob, causing the sickness to spread.

That’s a lot of sick days, but it can all be prevented provided your commercial cleaning service does their due diligence in keeping your doors well-cleaned and disinfected.

A Ton of Dirt Collects on the Top of Door Frames

The average person can’t see the top of most door frames. If they could, they might be shocked to find how much filth can collect up there. Days, months, sometimes years of grime and dirt are hiding at the top of every poorly cleaned door.

When left neglected, those unseen spaces can lead to an increase of dust and bacteria in the air. Make sure your commercial cleaning service pays attention to every part of the door, even the ones that nobody can see.

It’s Just a Bad Look

Even if you don’t notice that the doors of your commercial building are not well cleaned, your clients very well may. It’s not just about hygiene, it’s about maintaining a professional appearance that you can be proud of. Neglecting to keep your doors clean may wind up being a reflection on how your business is maintained.

Make Sure Your Commercial Cleaning Service Keeps Your Doors Clean!

Hopefully this guide helped shed some light on the importance of keeping the doors in your commercial building clean and hygienic. Even though they’re easily the most touched surface of any building, they are too often neglected, even by professional cleaning services. If you’re in need of a commercial cleaning service that doesn’t skip over any of the details, contact RJC today.


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