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Kill the Coronavirus with a commercial cleaning service

commercial cleaning service

No living generation has ever encountered a global pandemic quite like COVID-19. What limited information we know about the coronavirus is complicated by a few remaining mysteries. Which makes controlling its spread even more difficult.

What we know is that COVID-19 is a prolific and long-lasting strain of coronavirus. It can live for an extended time—potentially weeks—on surfaces we touch every day. Common items like doorknobs, refrigerators, sinks, tables, and bathroom fixtures can bear strains of the coronavirus. Depending on the materials they’re made from.

The pervasive nature of the coronavirus has thrust hygienic care into the spotlight. Never before have we seen such constant reminders about washing hands, cleaning personal spaces, or taking other sanitary measures to the extreme. That response is justified, though—until the disease is under sufficient control, erring on the side of over-caution is the only safe strategy.

Turning to Commercial Cleaning Service

Because COVID-19’s nature still has a variety of unknowns, more companies, and private homes are employing commercial cleaning services. This is to help clean and disinfect their spaces. This stands to reason since professional cleaners are already guided by rigorous sanitation standards as part of their daily business.

Commercial cleaners have always been employed to contain the spread of airborne viruses, even before the current pandemic. Much of the expertise companies like RJC bring to the current crisis stems from experience in disinfecting and decontaminating areas that present an increased risk of biohazards and viral exposure.

Even so, the coronavirus’s level of threat has ramped up the skills of commercial cleaners. Surfaces that householders or janitorial staffs previously cleaned without too much thought now demand additional attention. With their already advanced materials and technology, commercial cleaners are getting the call to fully treat those common areas more frequently.

Advanced service, more protection

Commercial services exist to provide additional levels of service that go above and beyond mere surface cleaning. The professional-grade disinfectant products they use are developed to kill more disease-causing pathogens than consumer brands. Deep cleaning techniques of commercial cleaners cover a broader spectrum of contaminants on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

As part of their jobs, commercial cleaners must be extra diligent about cleaning standards as set forth by agencies like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They’re comprehensively informed about the safest and most effective procedures and materials to use during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the use of personal preventive equipment to revised action plans for waste disposal.

The coronavirus is prolific and free-moving. It thrives on high-contact surfaces but can also live in unexpected places. It’s potent enough to shut down entire businesses and quarantine homes. But for commercial cleaners, waiting it out isn’t an option. For homes and companies seeking peace of mind about their security, commercial cleaners are committed to above-and-beyond service as long as the threat exists.

For trusted and thorough deep cleaning that gives you an edge in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, call RJC Commercial Janitorial and Cleanroom Solutions at 800-582-2105 or contact us online.


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