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How COVID-19 shapes the future of commercial cleaning

future of commercial cleaning

By the time you finish reading this, the numbers will change. That’s how fast the coronavirus is altering our world. The latest sobering, alarming data shows more than 4 million confirmed cases, with roughly 23,000 of those occurring in the last 24 hours, and nearly 300,000 deaths. It’s clear that this rampant disease is wreaking havoc on our population, economies have ground to a halt, and life as we knew it literally will not be the same when we finally get the virus in check.

One highly visible result of living amidst the virus is the way we view and execute cleaning to help prevent its spread. In addition to the ubiquitous sight of citizens everywhere shielded behind face masks, we have rapidly learned new methods of cleaning. Everything from countertops to door handles to packages in the mail, and how diligent cleaning keeps us safe and healthy. Nearly every industry on earth has been affected by the virus, shuttering some of them altogether. But the commercial cleaning industry has suddenly been called to the front lines of the battle. Even in traditional circumstances, office buildings, medical clinics, libraries, and retail stores count on professional cleaning services to keep their facilities clean, free of germs, and looking their best.

The future of commercial cleaning is now

In the wake of COVID-19, however, the future of commercial cleaning is poised to look radically different. In fact, the American Cleaning Institute unveiled a bold new strategy calling on companies to think and operate on a larger stage. Giving close consideration to sustainability, innovation, and more thorough base practices for workers. While “deep cleaning” is a term bandied about in everyday conversation these days, what that means varies widely between people and industries. It remains a nebulous expression given the still-largely unknown habits of and damage inherent in the virus.

An industry bands together

Unsettling in some regard and unacceptable in others, the commercial cleaning industry as a whole is patchy and unregulated and like the rest of us, unprepared for a scourge like this. Demand for professional cleaning services has soared. While companies scramble to learn how best to effectively fight a new and mighty enemy. Before COVID came along, commercial properties rarely worried about infectious viruses clinging to random surfaces in their facilities. But the scene is wholly different today.

Interactions between people and places have indelibly changed, some likely forever. Commercial cleaning services have stepped up to meet the challenge. For example, many services are adding application of virus-killing products applied with specialized sprayers to traditional disinfection practices. Much closer attention is also focused on high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, handrails, buttons, and counter areas.

One thing is sure, our commerce landscape will look drastically different in the future. The open office trend, for one, is long gone. The presence of hand sanitizers and face masks will likely be commonplace. Like our population as a whole, commercial cleaning services must reimagine a new normal. And join together to shape a viable and fulfilling future.

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