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What Every Large Property Manager Needs to Thrive

Property Manager

It’s hard managing a large building on your own, but large property management can be one of the most lucrative industries. Of course, you want to make this profession work for you. And it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the many hats you have to wear as a large property manager.

What industry leaders may not tell you is it’s okay to enlist the help of other professionals.

In today’s article, we’re going to tell you the two things you need to thrive as a large property manager and get the most out of your buildings.

A Maintenance Team

One of the fastest ways a building can deteriorate is due to a lack of maintenance. But there is an easy way to combat this without hiring an expensive specialist.

Curating and hiring a full-time maintenance team can save you from having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix future damages.

Your maintenance crew should look after things on your property, such as the following.

  • Minor electrical issues
  • Switching out light bulbs
  • Fixing minor leaks ( until a specialist can arrive )
  • Minor plumbing issues

These are just a few of the many things your maintenance crew can attend to.

Having someone on call to fix things like minor water leaks can stop mold growth and keep further deterioration at bay until a specialist can arrive. That sentiment can also apply to electrical issues and plumbing mishaps.

Having a maintenance crew attend to your commercial property on an everyday basis is the number way to stop your building from deteriorating.

Of course, feel free to curate the list to your commercial property’s unique needs.

A Commercial Property Cleaning Service

Another part of keeping your property in tip-top shape is ensuring it always sparkles. A commercial property cleaning service can help you achieve this goal.

They can perform unique and special services that the average janitorial team cannot. Whether it’s because of the lack of equipment or the size of the job, your team may not be able to do the following.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Polishing
  • Floor Sealing
  • Covid Cleaning

These services can help with more than just keeping your building sparkling. Services such as floor polishing and sealing can prevent wear and tear on one of the largest surfaces inside your property.

By sealing your concrete or Terrazzo floors, you can prevent dirt build-up, as well as those pesky scuff marks. The sealing process can also help rid your floors of unsightly stains made by grease and other spills.

Think of the service as protecting your investment. Flooring isn’t easy or cheap to replace – protect what you already have.

RJC is Here for all of Your Commercial Building Cleaning Needs!

At RJC, we offer all of the services you just read about above!

Our covid cleaning, floor polishing/sealing, and carpeting cleaning services will help keep your building looking as good as new for years to come.

To find out more about our commercial building cleaning services and get a free estimate contact us today!


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