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Commercial Cleaning Services to Keep Your Building Sparkling

Building Sparkling

As a large property manager, it can be difficult to keep your building in tip-top shape when you’re relying on tenants to perform the daily care and cleaning. Of course, you may have a janitorial team that performs some mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming. But sometimes, you can’t be there as often as you would like to ensure that things are kept to your standards.

So what can you do to keep a building sparkling, you may ask?

Well, we are going to break that down in today’s article.

These three commercial property cleaning services can keep your building looking as good as new!

Floor Polishing and Sealing

Concrete and Terrazzo floors can lose their luster after years of foot traffic. The dirt and debris tracked in by shoes day after day cause scuff marks and grime build-up. But as many of us know, replacing those floors would cost a fortune in time and money. It’s simply not an option for most.

Although there’s one way to give your floors that shine they have been missing and protect them from future damage.

Floor polishing and sealing can solve all of your concerns!

Concrete floor sealing is a process in which they first use a buffer to remove unsightly marks. These marks can include scuffs, grease spills, and other unappealing stains. Then they’ll place color or stain on the freshly buffed concrete to enhance the final look. And finally, they’ll apply a clear acrylic, epoxy, or another suitable sealant to the floor.

Floor polishing is suitable for both concrete and Terrazzo flooring. This process can look different depending on the commercial building cleaning company you choose to work with.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There’s so much more to carpet maintenance than just routine vacuuming. That’s because carpet flooring can hold onto dirt, germs, and mold. They can be a health hazard if not properly taken care of and can lead to a space looking old and dingy.

So, that’s why you should consider investing in a carpet cleaning service every twelve to eighteen months.

When a commercial building cleaning service performs carpet cleaning, they will typically utilize a machine along with their chosen solvent.

The process will help remove stains and lift dirt that are stuck deep in the carpet’s fibers. That can remove the dirty look from light-colored carpeting, such as white and cream.

Electrostatic Spray Cleaning

The truth is when we perform routine daily cleaning, we often aren’t reaching every nook and cranny. That can cause dirt, debris, and germ build-up on every surface in the building.

But there is one commercial property cleaning service that can solve this problem!

Electrostatic spray cleaning is an innovative and unique service that helps commercial cleaners reach those pesky nooks and crannies.

It does this by applying a positive charge to a liquid cleaner when it passes through the machine’s nozzle. The positively-charged cleaner attaches itself to all surfaces in the room, and because of its wide spray range, it can do so quickly.

RJC is Here to Help!

At RJC, we offer all of these services and more!

We can ensure that your building will always sparkle, so you and your tenants can be proud of the space.

If you’re interested in our commercial building cleaning services, contact us today for a free rate quote!


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