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How Commercial Businesses can Become More Sustainable in 2023

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The move to become more sustainable is of increasing importance. Every day and everywhere, we see the devastating effects of climate change; wildfires, drastic temperature changes, intense rainstorms, and so much more that the list could comprise an entire article. There are many things that cause these alarming occurrences. Fossil fuel emissions and greenhouse gas emissions are some of the most prominent components.

On a smaller scale, there are factors that affect the health of our planet. The good news is that commercial businesses, large and small, have the power to change these things.

RJC is here to discuss three ways a commercial business can become more sustainable in 2023.

Invest in energy-saving tech

Energy-saving technology does more than reduce your electric bill. High-quality energy-saving tech can decrease air pollution, water contamination, and conserve many natural resources.

We must always remember that we live on a finite planet with finite resources. We have to protect the resources we have.

One of the best energy-saving tech pieces a commercial building manager can invest in is a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats conserve energy by making the HVAC system run more efficiently and effectively. The decrease in energy use can also potentially reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Low Waste and Recycling

Recycling and choosing low-waste materials and supplies is one of least expensive ways a company can move towards sustainability.

Low waste materials, tools, and supplies include refillable dispensers, digital systems as opposed to paper, and even bathroom hand dryers. There are so many low-waste options for commercial spaces; it simply depends on the type of business you operate and what your needs are.

Hand dryers propose an initial upfront cost, but in the long run, not only will it eliminate waste from paper towels, but it will also save your company money.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is a commercial cleaning method that prioritizes sustainability and environmentally friendly products.

The products used during the green cleaning method are EPA-approved, meaning they are safer for humans and the environment. You can drastically improve your eco-friendliness by switching your cleaning and sanitizing methods – it will still result in the same deep clean and safe space you love.

The reason using green cleaning methods and products is essential is because products such as common harsh cleaning chemicals have detrimental impacts on air quality.

The chemicals in cleaning products are linked to outdoor smog formations. When smog consists of impurities, including the VOC’s in cleaning products, it can become an irritant to human airways. Smog consisting of VOCs and other impurities can also harm wildlife, damage forests, and affect our water supply.

RJC – A Sustainable Commercial Clean

RJC wants to help commercial businesses and buildings just like yours move to more sustainable operation practices. That is why we offer green cleaning!

We believe in being green in everything we do from the products we use to how we dispose of waste; RJC does it the green way.

If you have a commercial building in the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia areas, contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about green cleaning.


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