Serving the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia Areas

Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Particle Counters Measure Cleanliness Levels

particle counterThe RJC Cleanroom division utilizes a particle counter, which gives our Cleanroom and Data Center clients the opportunity for us to measure the particle counts inside those critical areas.

A particle counter is an electronic device that detects and counts airborne or liquid particles. The device works by using laser based optical systems that shine a powerful light through the detection chamber. The particle quantity and size in a given volume are measured inside the detection chamber.

 By using a particle counter, we can determine the air quality based on the amount and size of particles inside a room or building. It is also a method of measuring the cleanliness level of a controlled environment like a cleanroom.

Cleanrooms are used in semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, computer, aerospace and other fields where environmental contamination could have a negative impact. Particle counters are used to test and classify a Cleanroom to ensure its performance is up to a specific Cleanroom classification standard. Several standards exist for Cleanroom classification, however, the most widely referenced in the US Federal Standard 209E.

By utilizing technologies like particle counters, the RJC cleanroom team can ensure our work is sanitary and meeting or exceeding the required specifications.


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