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Ellicott City-Based RJC Commercial Janitorial & Cleanroom Solutions Unveils Green Initiative for 2013

Ellicott City, MD, June 14, 2013:  RJC Commercial Janitorial & Cleanroom Solutions, a leading Maryland janitorial company, announced their initiative to go green in all aspects of their business starting in 2013-2014. 

Nancy Creel, President of RJC, said “I am seeing encouraging trends in our industry to go green in all aspect of the business and I feel that anyone not on board will simply be left behind once new green regulations become more mandatory in our industry.”

For the past several years, RJC has researched and developed products that offer customers more choices when it come to creating a completely green environment for their facilities. RJC’s product line includes an entirely new suite of green carpet cleaning products, green urethane concrete floor sealers, and green cleaning products for data center raised floors & subfloors. Expertly applied by their certified technicians, these products ensure an eco-friendly environment.

RJC launched this initiative in their own spaces by significantly reducing their carbon emissions and overall carbon foot print by replacing their gas guzzling company cars with hybrid cars. These new cars, integral to their daily operations, will arrive and go into operation by the end of this month.

Nancy Creel explained further, “We started to explore an entirely new line of green cleaning products earlier this year and even started some live demos with some surprising results. Through our discovery process we have found new and innovative ways to clean—with eco-friendly methods and in ways we never imagined possible. Some have completely changed the way we approach specific cleaning projects. Surprisingly they may even increase profits in some instances. We are excited about the second half of the year and are currently exploring more ways to reduce our carbon footprint and finding new green ways to clean.”   

RJC Commercial Janitorial & Cleanroom Solutions is a privately women owned and operated business in Maryland founded in 1988 to provide dependable, quality commercial cleaning services to the Baltimore-Washington Corridor. By focusing on outstanding customer service, the company has experienced strong consistent growth throughout the past 24 years. In 2009, Nancy Creel purchased the controlling shares of the company and became the president. RJC added the division Cleanroom Solutions in 2001 to apply their trademark quality cleaning to clean rooms when they recognized a considerable gap in the market for these services. The company is headquartered in Ellicott City, Maryland with branches in Silver Spring ,Maryland, RJC serves the Baltimore, Washington, and Virginia areas.


Contact:  Russell Creel

VP New Business Development

RJC Commercial Janitorial and Cleanroom Solutions

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