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Commonly Missed Areas While Cleaning That Could Prevent Covid

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Commonly missed areas while cleaning that could prevent covid. Businesses that hire commercial cleaning companies expect the best service, which means a thorough cleaning and sanitation of their space. Such service is of the utmost importance during this time. The coronavirus pandemic is raging on, and without proper sanitation, it will continue.

Despite commercial Covid cleaning companies often doing a more thorough cleaning than the average person, they still skip over certain areas. That can lead to unwanted germs remaining on commonly used surfaces and appliances. To ensure you are getting the best service possible and protecting your staff from Covid, make sure your cleaning company is covering these four areas.

Light Switches and Electrical Outlets

It’s not hard to believe that light switches and electrical outlets are some of those most commonly skipped surfaces when cleaning. They are small and easy to forget, but it is crucial to sanitize both of these surfaces if you want to keep your space Covid free.

Whether it’s a living space or an office building, light switches and electrical outlets are touched repeatedly throughout the day. That offers a prime opportunity for germs to spread. You or your cleaning service should be wiping down both surfaces with a disinfectant every day after closing.

To further keep these surfaces clean, ensure that your staff is sanitizing their hands before and after touching them.

Upholstery and Seating

Even the most professional of cleaning services forget to clean upholstery and seating. Admittedly, deep upholstery cleaning can take quite a bit of work, but there are many quick disinfection methods that will keep you and your staff safe.

Most office chairs are made out of leather, metals, and plastic. All of these materials can be sanitized with spray disinfectants and wipes.

Vent Covers

A clean vent cover can make a tremendous difference in indoor air quality. Unfortunately, it’s all too common to look up and see them covered in dust. A space’s inhabitants breathes in circulated debris from unclean air vents.

We must remember that the COVID-19 virus is airborne, so ensuring that we have clean air is crucial. A quick dusting with a disinfectant to the air vent grate can potentially help slow the spread or to prevent Covid.

Underneath Appliances

Although many people never touch the underside of their appliances, they can still be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and must be cleaned regularly. That is especially the case for appliances that produce any amount of moisture; a good example would be coffee makers.

The moisture and water produced by coffee makers puddle at the bottom. This creates the ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria. When your cleaning crew is wiping down the appliances, make sure they lift the appliance up and disinfect the underside too.

A professional cleaning company that understands the importance of thorough sanitization will not skip over any of the areas mentioned. They know that cleaning small appliances and surfaces will slow the spread of the virus and keep you and your staff Covid free.

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