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Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Researching Green Cleaning Products

cleaning productsNancy Creel, the president of RJC, had tasked Russell Creel the V.P., to explore an entirely new line of green cleaning products earlier this year before our launch date of RJC’s green initiative for 2013”.

Russell Creel initiated the start of live chemical demonstrations with some surprising results.  During our exploration of these new green cleaners we have discovered new ways to clean in ways we never imagined.  Some have completely changed the way we now approach some cleaning projects.  In some areas, surprisingly it may increase profits.

In a report back to Nancy Creel, Russell Creel goes on to say “We are excited about the second half of the year and exploring more ways to reduce our carbon foot print at the same time finding new green ways to clean.  We should continue to invested time and additional research to developed product offerings that give our customers more choices when it comes to creating a totally green environment for their offices and facilities”. He goes on to say in his report, that “RJC is ready to offer to our customers  an entire new line of green carpet cleaning products, green urethane concrete floor sealers, and green data center raised floor & subfloor cleaning products, and based on the live demonstrations conducted earlier this year”  


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