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Restroom Cleaning Strategies to Avoid Customer Complaints

The cleanliness of your restroom has a large impact on your customer satisfaction. It doesn’t matter how great your services or products are – if a customer goes into a dirty, smelly bathroom, they are not likely to return to the property. We emphasize the importance of restroom cleaning in all of our janitorial contracts because we know the difference that it makes. Here are some restroom cleaning strategies to prevent customer complaints.

Focus on Floor Grout

Customers noticed discolored floor grout. Even if a restroom is clean from a sanitation perspective, it will appear unclean because of the grout. It is harder to maintain light colored grout than it is dark colored grout, which is something to keep in mind if you remodel your business restroom. No matter what color the grout is though, you need to make sure your cleaning company has the proper tools and techniques to keep it looking new.

Control Odors as Much as Possible

Odor control is particularly important in restroom cleaning. This is a multi-part process that includes frequent restroom cleaning, proper air filtration, and deodorizing sprays (as needed). Having a clean bathroom will keep odors low, but they cannot eliminate odors the moment they occur. That is where the air filtration and deodorizers come in. Those forces work together to fight reoccurring odors so your restrooms smell fresh every time.

Eliminate Soap Build-Up around Faucets

Another area customers look at regularly is the sink. Almost every person that goes into the restroom will interact with the sink at some point in time. If you have soap pumps instead of wall mounted soap dispensers, there is a good change that soap will build up around the faucet. This needs to be addressed in your restroom cleaning. Ideally, you should upgrade to a wall mounted dispenser to keep cleaning to a minimum.

Provide Disposal Areas for Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins in the women’s restroom should not be visible in regular trashcans. There should be a trash can in each stall specifically for sanitary napkins. With regards to restroom cleaning, these receptacles need to be cleaned out frequently, though not as frequent as the regular trash cans. If your women’s restroom receives little foot traffic, you may only need to clean these out once a day.

Find and Correct Sources of Water on the Floor

It is one thing to have water on the restroom floor immediately after mopping, but it is another thing entirely to have freestanding water from leaking pipes or overflowing toilets. Customers will not care what the source of the water is, even if it is something fairly harmless. They will see water on the floor and assume it is not sanitary. If you have any sources of water leaks in your restroom, repair them as quickly as possible.

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