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Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Selecting and Maintaining a Commercial Carpet

It is very important to know that the carpet you choose should be in tandem with the needs of the particular place. Selecting an appropriate carpet is just a part of the investment, to make it last long, you also need to invest in regular maintenance. Cleaning is an important part of carpet maintenance and you should rely on professionals to do it. If you are confused about making a choice, you can take help from RJC, a reliable commercial carpet cleaning company.

Quality products come with a warranty. This measure automatically implies that you have made a good investment. The manufacturer must maintain the accountability for the complete carpet – right from its fiber and material to the carpet construction.

Selecting a carpet for commercial space

Since a good quality carpet has a number of factors that dictate its performance, do keep in mind these qualities when you select a carpet for your public or semi-public spaces:

  • Type of fiber: Most of the standard carpet fibers include polyester, polypropylene, wool and nylon. For commercial use, nylon is the common fiber used.
  • Fiber construction: The many variables related to fiber construction in case of nylon include the yarn processing techniques, denier or yarn size and tensile strength. Generally, greater tensile strength and bigger yarn equals better performance.
  • Type of dye: This refers to the method of color addition to the yarn. The solution-dyed products could be cleaned aggressively to remove the stains without any damage to the color. In contrast, yarn dyeing offers increased color variance so that soiling remains hidden.
  • Pattern and color: The selection of pattern and color goes beyond any aesthetic considerations. It makes an important impact on retention of appearance. Darker colors and those similar to soil colors common to the region will assist in hiding dust and grime. Patterned carpets also do a good job to hide dirt.

Maintenance of carpet with professional cleaning

You can enjoy a number of advantages when you hire a professional commercial carpet cleaning company. A few of them are:

  • High quality cleaning: A hygienic public area requires hygienic cleaning. The carpet material can act as a magnet for harmful microbes. Carpets need professional cleaning on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness and maintain the original beauty.
  • Rapid Drying Times: In a commercial space, it’s important to have your carpet dry fast which is why customers rely on carpet cleaning companies that specialize in commercial carpets.
  • Warranties: Some carpet warranties are dependent on regular and professional maintenance utilizing approved manufacturer cleaning methods
  • Restoration: A commercial specialist is often able to restore soiled and damaged carpet and in a large commercial space, that can be a tremendous savings

Before you select a service provider, it is wise to search for a professionally certified company which will ensure that you get the best cleaning at affordable price.


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