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Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Small Business and Healthcare Reforms

RJC has been spending time researching how the new Obama Care" The Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act” will directly impact our company and how we operate.  There are still many unanswered questions and at the same time politics and legislation continues to reshape the landscape causing further confusion and fear for small businesses.

In talking with political officials it always amazes me how cavalier they are about how small businesses will just have to pay their fair share.  They do not realize for some small business they simply do not have the funds to provide health care for their employees, and it is not a case of greed but pure economics.  But of course they count money different then the real folks.  (they just continue to borrow more money than they take in – how long could anyone run a real business with that economic strategy?).

The other fear for us is if we simply increase our costs to our clients to cover health care costs will our competitors do the same, or will they play the game “catch me if you can” by not providing heath insurance for their employees, thus taking over our market share and putting us out of business.

Just like some businesses that have used un-documented workers for decades by pay extremely low wages thus increasing profits.  This has been a huge problem for years and no one even cares, and this has had a huge impact to our economy for a long time…..  I fear this may be the same type of situation once all of the dust settles.


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