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The dirtiest office spots that a janitorial cleaning service should never miss

dirtiest office spots

Offices are hubs of relentless activity. No matter how thoughtful its employees are about cleaning, normal use always gets them dirty. Although a good janitorial service covers the entire office from room to room, they may overlook some of the dirtiest office spots or items that need more attention than they get–and the more they’re ignored, the worse they get.

Here are some items and areas in a typical office that a good janitor will catch and clean on their usual rounds.

The break room

Lingering foodstuffs on tables, expired items in the refrigerator, unknown substances in microwaves, coffee makers that haven’t been rinsed since last January—the office kitchen area has lots of areas and surfaces that workers use all day long, leaving bits of lunch in their wake. A good janitor will give every appliance and fixture in the break room a thorough cleaning.

The copy or printing room

Paper is still very much a part of modern offices, and the machines we use with them need cleaning just as much as they need maintenance. Toner cartridges are sneakily filthy things, as they emit tiny dust particles, which could cause some lung issues for employees. Regular dusting and cleaning of these objects helps keep those particles in control and could help machine performance issues.

Door fixtures and light switches

Doorknobs, door handles, and light switches are items that everyone in the office touches, usually at least twice a day in the case of door openers. They’re also great places for various forms of bacteria and viruses to hang out. But they’re often overlooked in the cleaning process. Door fixtures and light switches should be given a wipe-down at least twice a week.

Desk equipment

Computer items are well known for collecting stray dust particles—anyone who’s ever taken a cotton swab to their keyboards or a cloth to their monitor can tell you that. They’re also the items an office worker touches the most during a typical day. Conscientious janitorial companies clean monitors, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, telephones and desk printers to keep them as dust-free as possible. And they won’t forget about the desktop and its old coffee rings either.


Desk chairs always benefit from on-the-spot cleaning. Many offices also have community couches, conference room tables, break room chairs, and waiting room seats that can encounters humanity at large on a consistent basis. They’re all viable candidates for dusting and wiping at least once a week, if not more.

Cabinets and mailboxes

Supply cabinets and shelves often get overlooked in janitorial cleaning, but they’re as susceptible to dust collection as any other item in the office. Cabinet spaces, shelves, and mailroom boxes are all items a janitor shouldn’t skip over.

Windows and vents

Clean windows don’t just invite sunlight and heat into your space. If they’re left ajar or often open, they invite outside particles in as well. Air vents are also especially known for transporting dust and odor throughout your office space. Cleaning these entry points helps manage these issues. The more often you can attack your air vents, the easier future cleanings will be.

Ceiling fans

If you’ve ever seen the top of a ceiling fan blade after an extended period of non-use, then you’ve likely been shocked at how many colonies of dirt and dust have made it their home. Before using a ceiling fan after a long layoff, janitors should clean down the blades to prevent the quick spread of powdery filth around the office.


An attractive plant may help brighten the mood, but if they’re not made of plastic, then they’re alive. That means their leaves can gather dust as they grow, which could attract allergens and insects. And, of course, they’re planted in soil, which can find its way to your office floor. Regular checkup and dusting of plants—particularly those with large leaves—is a responsibility a good janitor won’t overlook.

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