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The major benefits of maintaining a clean school environment

clean school environment

Sending your kids to a dirty, dingy school setting is no way to promote inspired learning. This is a rarely-discussed issue but it plays a big part in an efficient and productive educational environment. In fact, maintaining a clean school environment goes a long way in dramatically influencing a student’s mood and behavior; information supported through research conducted at a handful of renowned U.S. universities. Indeed, improving air quality incubates high spirits and focused minds.

Make an impression

The benefits of maintaining a clean school environment are many, starting with first impressions. When you meet a new friend or a new boss, you have roughly 10 seconds to make it count. The same goes for a school’s physical environment. A clean and organized campus, classrooms, and individual offices score big points with incoming students or instructors, conveying a sense of trust and professional organization with their first steps into the building.

Comfortable students are productive students

Students and instructors spend a great deal of time at their respective institutions, logging untold hours presenting lectures, taking exams, teaching, and studying. They put in a substantial effort and should be able to do so in clean and organized environment. Happy, comfortable students and instructors are far more productive carrying out assigned tasks in a clean place rather than somewhere with dust-covered desks and grimy walls.

Students learning, living, and growing on campus can also be a strong reflection of a school’s brand. In fact, they become walking marketing tools and drivers of a school’s future success. Let’s take a look at some other positive and enduring benefits of a clean school:

  1. Productive learning environment—The most important reason for students attending school in the first place is learning and the learning experience is critical. Dirty classrooms breed low grades while the opposite is also true.
  2. More productive teaching—Keep in mind that a school is your instructors’ place of employment; somewhere they (should) look forward to going every day. Teaching performance and positive student interaction dramatically increases within clean and organized classrooms.
  3. The learning experience dramatically erodes if an instructor or his students are consistently out sick. Dirty environments harbor lots of germs that cause all manner of maladies. Cleanliness helps reduce student and instructor absences, especially during flu season. The services of a professional cleaning contractor are invaluable to clean and sanitize the building all year long.
  4. Save money on cleaning equipment by hiring a pro. Power washers, steam cleaners, floor buffers, and a host of other commercial gear come with a hefty price tag. Add to that the cost of paying someone to do the cleaning and the choice is clear; this isn’t the time for DIY.
  5. Boost that school pride. It might not seem as such at first glance but clean school surroundings inside and out make a huge difference in sis-boom-bah spirit. Shared school pride reflects like values and contributes to the overall experience.

For more tips and information on maintaining a clean school environment, contact RJC Enterprises at (800) 582-2105 or rjcentierprises.com.


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