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The Many Benefits of Restroom Cleaning Machines: Part 1

In the cleaning industry, efficiency and hygiene are some of the most important elements of getting a job done. If you are looking at ways to improve these areas of your business, you may consider investing in restroom cleaning machines. These handy devices offer a wide range of benefits for employees and visitors alike, and there are a plenty of variations to choose from. Let’s explore some of the benefits of restroom cleaning machines so you can see the value of these devices for your company.

Improve Efficiency for Repetitive Tasks

Bathroom cleaning is a very repetitive process. Whether you have a few bathrooms in a facility or a hotel filled with restrooms, the process to clean them is close to the same in every setup. A restroom cleaning machine can greatly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning each fixture individually, which allows workers to get through more cleaning in a shorter timeframe. For instance, a standard nine fixture bathroom takes about 27 minutes to clean manually, on average. It takes less than 21 minutes to clean if a worker uses a touchless cleaning machine to take care of the floors. That extra six minutes adds up immensely at the end of the day, whether the same restroom is cleaned multiple times or multiple bathrooms are cleaned just once.

Another example of time saving with a restroom cleaning machine is in the amount of time it takes per fixture in a bathroom. The average janitor needs about two minutes per fixture for cleaning time. That includes disinfecting toilets, emptying trash, dusting, stocking dispensers, etc. If a worker uses a spray and vac cleaning machine for the fixtures in the restroom, that time is reduced to one minute per fixture. The cleaning machine literally cuts the time in half.

Reduce the Strain on the Cleaning Staff

For every cleaning task that has to be completed in a restroom, there is a person who has to "get down and dirty." In many manual setups, this requires a lot of backbreaking work for a staff member that could be reduced with the help of a cleaning machine. For instance, a mop with a double sided bucket may be perfectly sufficient for cleaning the floors in a restroom, but that water is heavy to lug back and forth. Rather than requiring employees to tote this hefty bucket from one area to the next, you could use a cleaning machine to sanitize the floors without the weight.

Another factor to keep in mind is the amount of equipment you have on your cleaning cart. With a cleaning machine, you may be able to eliminate a large number of the products that your employees carry around, making it easier for them to complete their jobs. If your employees are able to move around better, they will feel less exhausted and more willing to work at the end of their shift.

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