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The Many Benefits of Restroom Cleaning Machines: Part 2

Boost Employee Morale Levels

In many cases, using a restroom cleaning machine isn’t about improving productivity or reducing work times. Instead, it is about creating a better environment for your cleaning staff. By allowing them to use an automatic toilet cleaner instead of hand scrubbing a toilet, you save them the hassle of bending down and putting their hands in an otherwise unpleasant place. If your employees are happier, they are automatically going to do a better job. This negates any time that may or may not be lost through automation.

Enhance Safety Protocol for Workers and Guests

Many restroom cleaning machines are designed to soak up moisture on the floors or other surfaces that could be slip and fall hazards. As easy as it is to dump a bucket of soapy water on the floor to mop, doing so leaves water on the floor for someone to slip on. If you use a floor cleaning machine, it will suck up the water on the ground and leave it ready to walk on when the cleaning is complete. This will ensure that everyone in the room is as safe as possible.

Increase Operation Times for Restrooms

The efficiency of restroom cleaning machines reduces the amount of time that a bathroom is out of order. This is particularly important for high traffic buildings where the restrooms are constantly in use. Even if the restrooms remain open during cleaning, people will be able to use more stalls and more fixtures in the bathrooms if they are cleaned quickly. If your workers can get in and out of there without trouble, the employees and guests who use the restrooms will have a better experience overall.

Establish High-Quality Standards for Cleanliness

When it comes to manual cleaning practices, it is easy for an employee to overlook a certain step that could hinder the cleanliness of the facility. For instance, a janitor may not change the mop bucket in between restrooms before cleaning the floor. With an automatic cleaning machine, new solution is used each and every time, so there is no concern for human error. You get the best cleaning possible right from the start.

Sometimes, Manual Cleaning Makes Sense…

There are some surfaces and fixtures that just do not respond well to automatic restroom cleaners. If using the machine is more hassle than it is worth, you can choose to manually clean those areas and use a machine on everything else. The goal here is to automate as much as possible so your workers are not left with a huge feat every time they go to clean out the bathrooms. Once you find the right balance, you will be able to enjoy much better performance levels in the future.


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