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The Secret to Commercial Covid Cleaning

commercial covid cleaning

Company owners all over the globe are scrambling to find ways to keep their businesses open and thriving as the pandemic continues to rage on over a year later.

With the Delta variant on the rise, people are unsure about how they’ll make it through another pandemic. But there is some hope, especially with the invaluable information we have learned in the past year.

A unique cleaning method could be the answer to business owners’ worst fears.

Continue reading to find out how this not-so-secret decades-old cleaning method could keep your business open and thriving!

The Secret

The magical secret to commercial covid cleaning is the electrostatic spray method!

This method derives from the 1940s when Harold Ransburg patented the creation of electrostatic sprayers for painting. The electrostatic sprayer helped users cover a wider range in a single pass and coat non-porous surfaces. It does that by the positive charge of the sprayer attached to the paint, which attaches itself to negatively charged surfaces.

As the decades went on, various other industries used the sprayers for other purposes, such as agriculture and eventually the cleaning industry.

The cleaning industry flocked to this method when Covid began taking over the world. Electrostatic spray cleaning combined with a proper disinfectant offered a solution to common problems found while Covid cleaning.

Electrostatic spray cleaning is the secret method every business owner has been searching for.

Why Choose Electrostatic Spray Over Other Methods

We know how electrostatic spray works and why it’s so amazing, but what does it do that other disinfecting methods can’t? And what are those other disinfecting methods?

Covers a Wider Surface

Unlike spray bottle disinfectants, the electrostatic method offers broader coverage. To effectively and efficiently eliminate viruses and germs, your chosen disinfectant needs to cover the entirety of a surface. Spray bottle nozzles can only disperse contents in a small width and length. By using the electrostatic spray method, you ensure a broader range of coverage. Because of the positive to negative charge reaction between the liquid and surfaces, there is nothing the disinfectant won’t reach.

It’s Safer – Commercial Covid Cleaning

There have been many new and interesting disinfecting methods brought to the public eye for Covid cleaning. One of those being the use of UVC lights to clean the air and other non-porous surfaces. But this method poses its own set of health risks due to the potential mercury exposure. Electrostatic spray used with an EPA-approved disinfectant poses less of a hazard for that reason. The last thing you want to do when fighting a virus is put your health at stake in another way.

These two things are essential for Covid cleaning. Electrostatic sprayers are one of our best tools to help slow the spread of this deadly virus.

RJC Can Help Keep Your Staff Safe From Covid

Want to electrostatic spray clean your commercial space? RJC can help you!

We use electrostatic sprayers along with EPA-approved disinfectants to combat the virus, ultimately keeping you and your staff safe.

Whether it’s a hospital, school, or office building, RJC wants to team up with you to slow the spread. Contact us today to receive a free estimate and start the journey to a Covid-free space!



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