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There are different types of carpet cleaning methods

In business, first impressions count and if your office or commercial space is carpeted then the first impression is usually the floors. Tiled floors in commercial areas can easily be cleaned with a damp mop, if anything gets inadvertently spilled on the floor, it can be cleaned up right away. This is not necessarily the case with a carpeted floor. Although quick action will often eliminate the spill and the accompanying stain, in many cases this is not possible, furthermore there is nothing that can be done about the number of people that come and go every day of the week. This is why commercial carpet cleaning in Maryland is different than residential carpet cleaning; the circumstances are simply different.

Carpet that is used for commercial purposes has all the colors and textures as any other domestic carpet but they provide superior resistance to wear. In many very high traffic areas the choice is a low density loop pile, it is not plush but the short pile resists crushing and due to the short pile it can cope with rolling traffic better. The commercial carpets that are in general use are sturdy synthetics that can resist stains, repel dirt and stand up to heavy foot traffic. These features make it reasonably easy to maintain with little more than daily vacuuming and periodic cleaning using one of the many available ways to clean carpet.

There are four generally accepted ways to clean carpet; dry cleaning, shampooing, bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction. Of the four, shampooing is the least effective as all that happens is that shampoo is applied to the carpet and agitated before it is extracted. The detergents that are used do make the carpet look cleaner but as most of the dirt stays in the carpet, the effect is short lived.

For commercial carpet cleaning in Maryland the other three methods are superior. Dry cleaning can be used frequently as there is no drying time. The powders that are used act somewhat like a magnet, attracting the dirt. After the powder has been worked into the carpet, it is vacuumed, taking the dirt with it.

Bonnet cleaning is the preferred method for cleaning carpets in commercial environments. This type of cleaning works well on carpets with short, tough fibers as it does not provide deep cleaning, surface cleaning only. A chemical detergent is applied to the carpet, usually by spray and then a rotary cleaning machine with an absorbent pad is used to extract the dirt and dry the carpet quickly.

Although bonnet cleaning and dry cleaning are used extensively in commercial applications, if the time is available for drying, perhaps the most thorough method is hot water extraction, often called steam cleaning.


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