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Training New Employees to Run a Restroom Cleaning Machine

Restroom cleaning machines are designed to make work easier on your cleaning staff as a whole. With that in mind, each staff member needs to go through training in order to understand how to properly use a restroom cleaner. Whether you have already purchased cleaning machines for your workers or you plan to do so in the future, you need to make sure that your employees understand how to operate the devices you provide. Here are some tips to help you through the training process.

Put Managers through Manufacturer Training

Most cleaning machine manufacturers offer training programs directly through their companies. While you could send your entire staff through this training, that may be a bit excessive. Instead, you should send your management through this level of training so they can pass on the lessons to your employees. This should save you time and money, and it will make sure that your upper level workers have the extensive knowledge they need to answer questions that may arise in the future. If you are the business owner, you should also consider going through this training to make sure you understand how your machines operate and what your employees will have to go through to use them.

Have the Managers Train the Staff

Once your managers have gone through proper training from the manufacturer, you can have them train the rest of the staff members on how to use the machines. Your managers may have more knowledge than what they have to relay to the staff. For instance, they may know how to complete certain repairs that are unlikely to come up in the future. In that case, you can simplify the training to cover just the operation and general maintenance of the machines, rather than every detail that wad included in manufacturer training.

Continue Learning as Equipment Improves

Over the years, you are likely to upgrade your cleaning equipment to meet the needs of your clients. Even if you do not change the core equipment that you use, you may change the way you use them in a restroom or the types of chemicals you use with them. In this case, you will need to make sure that your entire staff is up to date with the new systems you have in place so that you can see the best performance across the board.

This learning experience also applies to you, the business owner. You should learn about new products that come to market that may work better than what you are currently using. That isn’t to say that it will make financial sense for you to upgrade every time something new comes out, but you should still keep your eye on products that improve efficiency. You can use this as a selling point when you go to promote your janitorial services to new clients, explaining that you use the best, most up to date cleaning machines on the market. They will appreciate your commitment to excellence, and you will appreciate the great return on investment you get.


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