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How to Choose the Right Restroom Cleaning Machine

Using a restroom cleaning machine can greatly reduce the amount of time your workers spend cleaning and sanitizing. Doing this will also boost the cleanliness of the space as a whole, and it will keep your cleaning staff excited about the work they do each day. There are a number of automatic restroom cleaners on the market, so you have to determine which one is right for your facility. Check out this guide to learn how to choose the right restroom cleaning machine.

Consider What You Need to Clean

The fixtures that you need to clean will have a big impact on the types of cleaning machine you should invest in. Not only should you think about the toilets and urinals, but you also need to think about the flooring, the countertops, the paper towel dispensers, and anything else you have to wipe down in the restroom. You may need to use different machines to complete different tasks, so it is important to research which restroom cleaners are best suited for your situation. Find the ones that offer the most usage overall so you do not have to invest in extra equipment.

Think about the Size of the Facility

The size of the restroom that you have to clean will also have an influence on the type of machine you should get. While you can use a small unit in just about any environment, your workers will have to go through a lot more effort to clean with it than they would with something designed for a large bathroom. The same frame of mind needs to play into the amount of wear you plan to put on the cleaning machine. It may be in your best interest to get something built to last if you are going to use it excessively day in and day out.

Factor in the Operations of the Building

What is going on in the building that the bathroom is in? Is it a library, a hospital, a set of offices…? If you are working in any sort of healthcare facility, you will need to make sure that your cleaning machine can be sanitized easily, and that it does a good job of eliminating germs on the surface. Hygiene is important no matter where you work, but it is particularly important in medical facilities.

Weigh out the Cost and Reward

How much benefit do you expect to gain from the restroom cleaning machine? Is that enough to justify the cost of it? If you think about how much more your employees will be able to get through in a shift, you may be able to justify spending a lot of money on a new restroom cleaning machine. The improved morale levels will also ensure that your employees stick around, saving you from high turn arounds that could prove costly. In most cases, the return on investment far outweighs the investment itself. You just have to make sure that is in fact the case for you.


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