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Waiting Room Cleaning Tips for Healthcare Facilities

Every area of a healthcare facility must be meticulously cleaned and sanitized. The waiting room is no exception. This is the place that has the highest level of foot traffic, so it requires more cleaning than most. Listed below are some helpful waiting room cleaning tips for doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics.

Avoid Stuffed Animals and Pillows

Since waiting rooms have so many people passing through them, they need to be as germ-free as possible. Stuffed toys and pillows can trap germs in them, which increases the risk of cross-contamination. Keep the upholstery and carpeting in the waiting area to a minimum, and make sure all the toys are easy to wipe down throughout the day. This will do wonders to improve the sanitation in the room.

Create a Designated Play Area for Children

Adults tend to stay seated in a waiting area, but children move around. The more they move, the more germs they interact with. To reduce the risk of that, create a designated play area for children. Clean this area several times during the day, especially after a high level of activity. Wipe down the toys and play areas with a multi-purpose cleaning solution. If children have a specific zone to play in, they are more likely to stay in that spot while they wait.

Provide Accessible Hand Sanitizer

If patients see hand sanitizer, they are more likely to use it. Provide this in several areas of the waiting room, along with signs that draw even more attention. You may have this right by the door, on the reception counter, and in several places along the wall. Do not leave hand sanitizer bottles where children can easily reach them because they are likely to waist the product and make a mess with it.

Create a Cleaning Schedule for Staff Members

If you have a janitorial crew to do the major cleaning, that is ideal. However, you may still need staff members to tidy the waiting room in between cleaning sessions. They can wipe down the chairs, clean off the counters/tables, empty the trash, etc. Create a manageable cleaning schedule that suits your needs but does not pull the workers from their stations for long.

Talk to Your Janitors about Waiting Room Cleaning Strategies

Every healthcare facility is different, so your waiting room cleaning needs may be different than someone else’s. Talk to your janitors about this so they can create a plan specifically for your office. For instance, pediatricians often have a high influx of patients after school hours because parents do not want to pull their kids out of school. Thus they may need a higher level of cleaning services in the late afternoon than they would in the morning. Health clinics have a high level of patients on the weekends when most doctor’s offices are closed. They may need more cleaning on those days than they do throughout the week.

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