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What does deep cleaning mean in the coronavirus era?

coronavirus era

We are in unprecedented times in the world today. No one alive has seen a global medical crisis of this magnitude. The COVID-19 virus continues to amass frighteningly high numbers of infected citizens and deaths, and the illness shows no signs of slowing its rampant spread. Governments are scrambling to make sound decisions, even the most esteemed experts are baffled and learning as they go, and the rest of us are essentially confined to our homes during this coronavirus era.

News sources constantly announce reports of the latest developments—should we wear masks or not, is a six-foot buffer from others enough, what is the distance the virus droplets can travel. For the most part, we know that the coronavirus is largely spread via contact with other infected people; however, it is also now confirmed the virus is contagious through the air as well, spread from coughing or sneezing. The droplets can also stick to hard surfaces and remain live for days and even more than a week.

The world is in disarray to say the least and we are scrambling for effective ways to combat the illness, from treatments to cleaning. To that end, deep cleaning is a term used liberally to signify a thorough approach to sanitizing an area. But what exactly is deep cleaning and what does it mean in this extraordinary time in history?

Deep cleaning at a glance

At its core, deep cleaning is no different than other tried and true disinfecting methods. Although “deep cleaning” as a term has become a household name, there is in fact no official definition. Simply stated, a deep clean means stepping up frequency of regular cleanings, targeting high-touch areas and surfaces, and using adequate cleaning products.

Interpretation of deep cleaning isn’t the same for everyone, of course. Some cleaning companies, for example, use spray disinfectant and then wipe everything; others empty a room of all contents, disinfect the works, and move the stuff back in. Same with the choice of cleaning products— it is not necessary to use over-the-top chemicals; soap and water mixed with bleach products are plenty effective. Keep in mind that deep cleaning is not based on any scientific foundation; a thorough clean works great to remove the virus from surfaces but that doesn’t mean is necessarily kills it. While no cleaning approach is a sure thing, this virus is not especially robust and shrivels in the face of commonly used disinfecting products.

Lay low and stay clean

Experts all agree that our best hope in containing the COVID virus is to combine diligent hygiene habits. And avoiding contact with other people as much as possible. In addition, any time you go to the grocery store, doctor, or job (if still open for business), thoroughly clean every item you’ve touched and always remember to wash your hands often with soap and warm water. Hydrogen peroxide is another excellent choice for cleaning surfaces. For clothing run through the washer can kill off the virus as well.

Be smart and vigilant to stay healthy during this coronavirus era. Contact RJC Commercial Janitorial and Cleanroom Solutions today to schedule your deep cleaning. Call 800-582-2105 or contact us online.


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