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Why a deep cleaning is more important than ever with coronavirus on the rise

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We are in the midst unprecedented times here in America and around the world. Living with and battling a new and tenacious illness that has ground economies to a halt, upended daily life, and forced us into a state of confusion and quarantine. We’ve had to quickly adopt new habits of cleanliness and medical care. All while scrambling to find basic living supplies at our local stores. If there is a silver lining in all of this, we are rapidly becoming much more cognizant of germs. How they are spread, and how to defend against them. One highly effective approach is deep cleaning. Especially in high-traffic areas or industries typically associated with large numbers of people. This includes restaurants, churches, theaters, airplanes, and other high-occupancy modes of transportation.

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is not entirely different than traditional practices of disinfecting the flu, common colds, and other viruses. The difference is that deep cleaning trends toward a more tailored and targeted cleaning process specific to an industry or location. Frequency is increased and execution performed to more exacting standards. While using cleaning products endorsed by experts and federal guidance as the most effective.

Specifically cleaning high-touch locations and having plenty of hand sanitizer available (if you can find it) are also key elements of deep cleaning. There is not an “official” standard to follow, especially in relation to the COIVD-19 virus. We do know that the coronavirus, like most others of its kind, is easier to banish from smooth surfaces, such as door handles and countertops, than carpet or fabric. The key in beating this virus, however, is preventing its spread in the first place. Teaming up deep cleaning with other health protocols like social distancing goes a long way in stemming the tide.

Effective deep cleaning

Controlling the spread of infection is far from an exact science. Professional services as well as individuals alike rely on proven methods while adapting new approaches depending on the target. Keep in mind that deep cleaning is effective in removing viruses from a surface but it doesn’t guarantee a virus is killed for good. The good news is that most soaps we use today are effective in breaking through the coronavirus’s fatty outer “skin” and vanquish its harmful attributes.

Sanitizing is also a component of deep cleaning used by professional cleaning companies. Properly done can significantly reduce the amount of infectious bacteria to safe levels. In fact, infectious disease experts say the coronavirus is susceptible to common disinfectants and related cleaning products.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the wake of this pandemic, have reinforced the effective two-step cleaning practice. Clean visibly dirty surfaces and then disinfect. The coronavirus may be spreading like wildfire but it is relatively easy to destroy, even without strong chemicals. Rubbing alcohol, household bleach, and a good ol’ soap and water mix are excellent choices for ridding surfaces of the virus. However, be aware of the dangers of mixing cleaning ingredients such as bleach and ammonia due to toxic fumes. When in question or to ensure the highest quality deep clean, contact RJC Commercial Janitorial and Cleanroom Solutions today to schedule your deep cleaning. Call 800-582-2105 or contact us online.


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