Serving the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia Areas

Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Industrial Cleaning

When you’re running a manufacturing, distribution, or an industrial business, cleanliness isn’t just for appearances. It’s a safety issue and an efficiency driver. It’s also a reflection of your company’s dedication to fostering a clean environment for employees. Whether you’re in a highly secure, sensitive environment or not, RJC Janitorial is equipped to clean your spaces.

Whether you need cleaning for a manufacturing company, warehouse or distribution center, our efficiency and attention to detail enable us to produce dependable results for your facility.

Why Use RJC Janitorial?

We have over 30 years of experience working in high security level government buildings. We pride ourselves in adhering to the highest levels of safety too, and our track record is unmatched in the area. Since our inception in 1988, we have not lost an account or had a workman’s compensation claim.

We employ consistent static labor with day porters so that the same people come to your job each time. Our technicians receive continual safety training, regular background checks and periodic drug testing to ensure you receive excellent service you can trust.

Our Process

Your work can be dirty. We get it. We can clean, sanitize and disinfect your manufacturing or distribution spaces to your specifications, whether you’re a distribution center, warehouse, food manufacturer, pharmaceutical manufacturer, factory, industrial manufacturer or other.

To deep clean your spaces and keep them safe and beautifully operational, we invest in cutting edge equipment that’s designed specifically for your job. Since dirt, grime and grease travel everywhere, we clean carefully under and behind sensitive equipment and instruments to deep clean every surface, no matter how hard it is to reach. We pay careful attention to ceilings and walls. We know that floors can be especially vulnerable so we focus there too. Our goal is to have your inspection ready every time.

Food Safe

We have extensive experience cleaning spaces monitored for food safety by the FDA. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive procedure manual that includes our processes and procedures, rules for safety, how we select tools for each job and which specific cleaning solutions we employ.

To have your spaces inspection-ready, reach us here.


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