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2022 Workplace Makeover

Workplace Makeover

Give your company a fresh start in 2022 by performing a workplace makeover!

The new year is all about new beginnings, and there’s no reason why this sentiment can’t apply to companies too. Sprucing up the workplace can help you and your staff feel more motivated. It can also add a more welcoming feel for your clients. There is nothing more uncomfortable than an outdated office or waiting room.But what should you do when performing a workplace makeover? What do you need to change?

We’re answering those questions today with these four practical tips.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

When was the last time your workspace had a fresh coat of paint? If it’s been five or more years, now would be a good time to touch it up.

A new paint job can take a dull and drab space and make it feel new again. But you should also take this opportunity to think about switching up your color palette. Almost every workspace has the same old white, eggshell, or tan paint. Maybe you should consider picking a unique color that will add some vibrancy to the room. Because your office is a place for professionalism, you will still want to choose paint colors that reflect that. Almost any color in a more subdued shade will work perfectly!

Keep Comfort in Mind

On the pricier end of the spectrum, an office makeover can be the ideal time to purchase new furniture.

If this is in the budget for your company, consider replacing office and waiting room seating. A stylish and comfortable chair can help your staff and clients relax even during the most stressful days at the office. Desk chairs and waiting room seating have come a long way over the years. What was once dull, boring, and uncomfortable now comes in colorful, fun, and ergonomic designs. Refer to websites such as Pinterest and the businesses you admire most for inspiration.

Offer More

One of the main goals of a workplace makeover is to make your space more inviting. An easy way to achieve that is by offering more amenities to your clients and staff.

Some things that you could add to your workspace include a higher-quality tea and coffee station, more breakroom space, and some form of entertainment in the waiting room. You could also play some soothing music throughout the office to promote a peaceful environment. Your staff will thrive in a place where they feel comfortable. Comfort promotes productivity.

A Deep Cleaning

And last but not least, consider hiring a commercial service to perform a thorough cleaning. A clean workspace is the best workspace for both staff and clients. It helps keep the air clean and your surfaces germ-free; there will be less of a need for people to take a sick day.

We can help you with this at RJC! We are a commercial cleaning service that helps businesses just like yours keep safe and sanitary working environments.

Our services include COVID-19 disinfection, floor polishing and sealing, green cleaning, and so much more. If you’re interested in having a thoroughly clean space for the new year, contact us today!


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