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Fall Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist

The season of change is here, and it is time to make some changes to your commercial space. If you’re unsure of where to start, you may want to think about a deep cleaning checklist.

Deep cleaning is the act of ensuring every square inch of space is tended to and doesn’t only have to occur in the spring. Deep seasonal cleaning can include many steps, and it is best to make a plan before diving in.

If you want to learn more about these steps and methods, keep reading! We will also offer an easy solution on how to implement these cleaning practices into your commercial business. This is the ultimate deep cleaning checklist.

Take Preventive Measures

Did you know there are measures you can take to avoid stubborn messes and make cleaning easier? It is as simple as sealing or waxing your floors. The wax and seal help cleaners easily remove messes because it creates a slicker surface.

There are also carpet sealing options that casinos have been using for years. Carpet sealing involves the method of encapsulation. By encapsulating your carpet flooring, you can avoid liquids from rapidly soiling your carpet and making messes a sinch to remove! There are commercial cleaning services in your area that can help you complete this job.

Green Cleaning practices Are The Best

When performing a deep seasonal cleaning, you will want to use green cleaning practices to complete the job. By using green cleaning products, you will protect your clients and staff from harsh chemicals, as well as the planet.

Green cleaning involves the use of products that are approved safe by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). That is because these products contain lesser amounts of harsh chemicals. As you may know, harsh chemicals can cause a variety of health issues and can contribute to the increasing temperature driving climate change.

Consider Sanitization

Because colds and seasonal allergies start rising around this season, you may want to consider thoroughly sanitizing your space. This will ensure that your clients and staff can enter and inhabit your commercial building comfortably and safely.

“What is the difference between cleaning and sanitizing,” is a question often asked by those new to the world of commercial cleaning service terminology.

Cleaning is the simple act of removing messes, dirt, dust, and debris. The cleaning process can involve vacuums, mops, brooms, cleaning chemicals, and organization. It is meant to make a space look more inviting and presentable.

Sanitizing is the act of using chemicals that can remove bacteria from surfaces. It is a follow-up step to the cleaning process. It is what helps make a space safe for operation.

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