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Flu Season Office Cleaning Tips to Help Control Germs

Flu season is here, which means germs are on the prowl – ready to strike. Office cleaning is important all year long, but it is particularly vital when illnesses are rampant. Whether you work in a busy cubicle or a quiet loft all your own, you should take some extra precaution around this time. Check out these flu season office cleaning tips to control germs.

Disinfect Objects You Touch for Flu Season Office Cleaning

Think about all the items you touch in the office during the day: door handles, microwave buttons, light switches, countertops, phones, keyboards, etc. Now think about all the other people that touch those exact same areas. You have no idea where they have been or who all they’ve interacted with. That’s why you need to disinfect hot spots in the office as much as possible.

Keep disinfecting wipes throughout the office, specifically in the break room and near the vending machines. Workers can keep these wipes at their desks as well to clean throughout the day. Having hand sanitizer accessible will also keep germ levels to a minimum because people can “wash” their hands without having to use the restroom. Create an flu season office cleaning schedule for each department that includes a casual wipe-down of high traffic surfaces.

Cover Coughs and Sneezes

This should be common knowledge, but a lot of adults still don’t know how to properly cover their faces when sneezing and coughing. These actions put germs into the air. Employees should be taught to sneeze or cough into their elbows, not their hands. Sneezing into your hand makes it easy to pass germs along because of how many surfaces hands touch during the day. If the elbow is not available, sneezing into the inside of your shirt is another good alternative for germ control.

Encourage Sick Workers to Stay Home

Businesses often focus so much on productivity that they only look at short-term schedules. If a person comes to work sick, he or she may get other workers sick in the process. Even though the original person did put in a day of work, the illness he or she carried could cause a whole set of employees to be out sick the next day. Let workers know that they have the option to stay home if they are contagious, and have backup solutions in place to maintain productivity levels.

Talk to Your Office Cleaning Crew

If you have a janitorial company for your office, ask them for tips on keeping germs to a minimum. They will understand your day to day operations, and they can suggest solutions specific to your business. For instance, if your air filtration system is not up to par, they may recommend getting better filters or upgrading the unit entirely. If one area of your office gets dirty more than others, they may recommend ways to contain this issue. As long as cleanliness remains a priority, you should have no trouble controlling germs during flu season.

Contact RJC Enterprises, and we will set up a flu season office cleaning plan that is perfect for your business.


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