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The Role of an On-Site Janitorial Supervisor

 A team is only as strong as its leaders. Without proper supervision, it’s nearly impossible for a project to run smoothly from start to finish. This theory applies to cleaning just as much as it does anything else. Having an on-site janitorial supervisor can significantly increase the success of your office cleaning, especially if you have a large building to care for. Let’s take a look at the role of an on-site janitorial supervisor to understand how this person will impact your business.

The Operations Manager

At the foundation of his job, a janitorial supervisor is a person who monitors the day to day operations in a cleaning contract. Much like any other supervisor this person is responsible for making sure that every task is completed successfully and that every person is contributing to the project. This person may pitch in when help is needed, but his or her main task is to ensure that the project is completed properly and efficiently.

The Decision Maker

Many decisions in the cleaning industry have to be made on the fly. An accidental spill or stain could require immediate, expert attention, which you can’t get if you do not have a janitorial supervisor on hand. Some companies opt to have their supervisors work off-site in an office, but doing so reduces the reaction time for split-second decisions. It’s best to have someone working right alongside the cleaning crew so he or she can determine the best steps to take in the given situation.

The Informer

The supervising janitor acts as a line of communication between the cleaning staff and the office staff. He may have weekly meetings other members of the management team to discuss changes in cleaning policies, adjustments in cleaning procedures, or suggestions for additional cleaning services. Communication is much clearer when there is only one person doing the talking. You do not have to worry about hearing incorrect information from multiple resources. Both failures and successes are relayed by the janitorial supervisor to the appropriate parties.

The Task Distributor

A janitorial supervisor must assign cleaning tasks to the crew in order to get a cleaning project complete. If someone is unable to make it to work, the supervisor must decide how to divvy up the extra work among the other employees. In many ways, a supervising janitor acts as a human resources director, making sure that each crew member is assigned a task best suited to his or her strengths. A good supervisor will know which people work the best together on various projects to move the project along quickly and easily.

The Quality Monitor

Above all else, an on-site janitorial supervisor is there to make sure all the other janitors are keeping up with the cleaning company’s high-quality standards. If someone is not doing their job well or not doing their job correctly the supervisor can step in to correct the issue. If the business owners are not satisfied with the results of the work, that falls back on the supervisor. He is the one with the most influence on customer satisfaction.

If you are in a cleaning contract with a janitorial company, consider hiring an on-site cleaning supervisor through them. This person could make or break the success of your cleaning contract.


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