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Six Forgotten Targets for Spring Cleaning

It’s time for spring cleaning – that dreaded part of the year where every nook and cranny gets carefully cleaned and detailed. Whether you’re spring cleaning your home, your office, or some other place, there are some areas of the building that you may forget about along the way. Have no fear though. We’re here to remind you about those so you can complete your in-depth cleaning al in on setting. Here are some forgotten targets for spring cleaning that you may want to take note of.

Door Knobs, Drawer Pulls, and Light Switches

Door knobs, door handles, drawer pulls and light switches are all areas that are touched on a daily basis. Human hands are essentially giant sponges that transfer germs from one place to the next. These spots are riddled with germs and rarely cleaned, unless by a trained cleaning crew. While you go about your spring cleaning, make sure you wipe down all door handles, switch plates, and anything else you knowingly touch on a regular basis.


Just because a dish washer is in charge of washing dishes doesn’t mean it can go without cleaning. Food particles can get trapped in the filter over time, and they can eventually wind up back on your dishes. You can get sick from having an unclean dishwasher because your machine is not able to sanitize your plates and silverware the way it’s supposed to. There are many different ways to clean a dishwasher, depending on how yours is set up. Put this on your spring cleaning to-do list so your dishwasher can work at maximum efficiency.

Fan Blades

Fan blades collect dust, especially ones that are used on a frequent basis. You may not think about the dust on your fan blades because they are moving or they’re not at eye level, but it’s there. You can buy a special wand that is designed specifically for cleaning fan blades, or you can simply get up there with a rag and clean it yourself. Just keep in mind that dust is liable to fall off the fan blade, so make sure you protect any furniture or upholstery that could get damaged along the way.

Coffee Makers

Coffee pots provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow in – warm, moist air and minimal exposure to sunlight. Simply replacing your coffee filters every morning isn’t enough. You need to thoroughly clean out the machine every few months (or every few weeks, depending on usage) to make sure you eliminate the bacteria that may develop there. Follow the instructions in the machine’s user manual to find out how various parts come off the machine and what you can do to clean those out.

Computer Keyboards

Much like door knobs and light switches, computer keyboards are touched every single day. You may want to get in the habit of wiping down your keyboard at least once a week to get rid of any germs that may be building up. If you are sick, wipe down the keyboard and the mouse as often as possible to minimize germ growth and exposure. You can go the extra mile during your spring cleaning by using compressed air to blow dirt out from behind the keys. Canned air only costs about $5, and you can buy it at any office supply store or big-name supercenter.


Your baseboards act like tiny shelves that collect dust at the bottom of a wall. They’re easy to forget about and just as easy to clean. As part of your spring cleaning, make sure you wipe down your baseboards with a cleaning cloth. You may want to do the same to any crown molding you have in the building, depending on how accessible it is. If it is not something you can get to on your own, ask a professional how much it would cost to take care of the cleaning for you.


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