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Unexpected Services Your Cleaning Crew Can Do

Some cleaning crews focus purely on the day to day cleaning tasks of a business. While those are important to uphold, there are a number of secondary cleaning tasks that also need to be done around the workplace. In order to ensure that your office is as clean as possible, you should explore all of the opportunities available to you through your janitors. Here are some unexpected services your cleaning crew can do.

Pressure Wash Your Building’s Exterior

Over time, the exterior of your business can get caked with dirt, debris, pollen, and other aging marks. You may not notice them day by day, but they can easily make your building look dull, worn, and uninviting. Pressure washing eliminates all of this dirt and restores your exterior back to its former glory. This process uses high-pressure water to pull out dirt from the grooves of your siding. If you work in an older building, the siding may not be strong enough to withstand the water pressure. You will have to talk to your cleaning crew about the best ways to tidy up your exterior.

Changing out Light Bulbs

Changing a light bulb may seem like a simple task, but it gets much more complicated when you’re working with industrial lighting fixtures or lights that have to be changed by a ladder or scaffold. Rather than asking your employees to do this, you can have your cleaning crew take care of it as part of their maintenance routine. They can do this after hours so they do not have to disrupt your work time. If you notice a bulb flickering before it goes out, notify the cleaning crew so they can get on it right away.

Replacing Air Filters

Replacing your air filters is an important part of maintaining good indoor air quality ion your workspace. This task may need to be completed once a week, once a month, once a quarter, or twice a year, depending on the nature of your business and the amount of airborne debris your filters have to process. By asking your cleaning crew to take on this task for you, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your air filters and putting extra pressure on your filtration system. Everything is taken care of for you.

Cleaning Walk-Off Mats

Why outsource your mat cleaning to a third party company when your cleaning crew can do the work for you? Your walk-off mats serve as a vital component of your floor cleaning routine, trapping dirt and moisture at the door before it ever enters the office. By keeping your mats clean and cared for, you can reduce the amount of work your janitors have to do on your floors. This frees up more time for them to do even more unexpected services for you.

Minor Repairs

Many cleaning companies have experienced workers who can handle minor repairs throughout the workspace. For instance, they may be able to fix a leaking faucet or replace a broken light switch, as long as the work does not require extensive technical training. If you do not have a maintenance crew on site or a handyman you can call on, you may be able to get some extra work from your cleaners. Ask about their abilities so you know when you can rely on them.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask…

Have an off the wall task you need completed? Ask your cleaning crew if they can do it. The worst thing they can tell you is that they are not experienced enough for the job and it would be better suited for someone else. If they can handle it thought, that’s one less set of people you have to hire to work in your building. Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you so you can maximize your cleaning contract.


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