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Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Month: April 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Own Cleaning Products to Work

No one likes working in a dirty environment. That’s why most companies have dedicated cleaning crews to keep the workplace as hygienic as possible. If you’re a clean-minded person, you may be inclined to bring your own supplies to work to make sure your personal space is as tidy as it could possibly be. Before you do that though, you need to understand the impact your cleaning products could have on the building as a whole. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t bring your own cleaning products to work.

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Unexpected Services Your Cleaning Crew Can Do

Some cleaning crews focus purely on the day to day cleaning tasks of a business. While those are important to uphold, there are a number of secondary cleaning tasks that also need to be done around the workplace. In order to ensure that your office is as clean as possible, you should explore all of the opportunities available to you through your janitors. Here are some unexpected services your cleaning crew can do.

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Six Forgotten Targets for Spring Cleaning

It’s time for spring cleaning – that dreaded part of the year where every nook and cranny gets carefully cleaned and detailed. Whether you’re spring cleaning your home, your office, or some other place, there are some areas of the building that you may forget about along the way. Have no fear though. We’re here to remind you about those so you can complete your in-depth cleaning al in on setting. Here are some forgotten targets for spring cleaning that you may want to take note of.

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The Role of an On-Site Janitorial Supervisor

A team is only as strong as its leaders. Without proper supervision, it’s nearly impossible for a project to run smoothly from start to finish. This theory applies to cleaning just as much as it does anything else. Having an on-site janitorial supervisor can significantly increase the success of your office cleaning, especially if you have a large building to care for. Let’s take a look at the role of an on-site janitorial supervisor to understand how this person will impact your business.

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